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Announcements in Forum : Polls Heaven
12-Apr-2007 until 13-May-2030
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(12-Apr-2007 at 23:00)

Rule modifications and clarifications for this forum

Due to the nature of the Polls Heaven section we've decided to make a few rule additions and clarifications that, if you decide to post there, you should be aware of.
  • We've noticed a whole lot of posts in polls that are, essentially, "This poll doesn't have anything to do with me". We wanted to let you all know that, if we see any more posts like this, we're going to warn them for being off-topic. If you have nothing to say, don't say it.
  • The same goes for the "This poll has already been made" kind of posts.
  • We reserve the right to, if at any point the question or the topic are not clear and representing of the poll content, close polls without further notice. This includes deficient names (e.g. one word titles).
  • There's a perfectly functioning option to show a vote as public, thus there's no need to post only what you have voted. If the only thing the posts say are "Alternative A"/"I picked Alt. A" etc, then they add nothing to the discussion, which in other words means that they are spamming. Posts aren't for voting, they are for discussions around the topic, and for other alternatives than those stated.
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