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Rhinox 28-Mar-2005 09:49

New thief op: force defect
first off I know this could never work because 1) its overpowered 2) its abusable 3) would destroy friendship kingdoms 4) this list continues indefinately

that being said this thief op removes target provence from their kd and forces them to defect to a random kd.


make it war only and this op would would defect target province to your kingdom for the rest of the war.

the first choice would only work in genesis i think and not very good but would be interesting. I think the second choice actually has potential in Wol or bf as it is not a permanant effect. the prov that was forced to defect could still fight for their original kd like by doing razes, only since it would be classified as an intra-kd hit it wouldn't help the war meter. also, any prov that was forced to defect could be stolen back by an op from their original kd. any force defections revert back to their original kd at the end of the war. another side effect would be that any prov that was forced to defect would then have acces to kingdom info like the forums and paper and would kinda be like infiltrating so would kinda balance out not being able to move the war meter by being able to get info in the forums and papers that might help your kd.

This would be confusing as hell if implemented but very interesting. if you think about it in some sick and twisted way it actually seems balanced. and just think this all started out as some 4AM joke that would pry get me flmaed and warned but if anyone takes the time to actually think about this one as confusing and overpowered as it seems at first it may actually be balanced

hpnotiq 28-Mar-2005 10:06

yep ur right its confusing as hell

what if ur entire kd defects to the other kd? then u'll be trying ur hardest to LOSE the war!!! LOL i need to stop drinking///

WonderBread 28-Mar-2005 13:12

You can already force the defection of an entire kd. I did it twice this age. Once in my own kd and once to another. It's called having a really big offence.

Wavelength 28-Mar-2005 16:58

1) its overpowered
2) its abusable
3) would destroy friendship kingdoms in its first form
4) could destroy the element of war in its second form
5) this list continues indefinately

the real bong 28-Mar-2005 17:38

one word: overpowered.

this is just like the time stop spell, with the purpose of disabling "problem provinces", to have a single op disable disable an entire province would render attackers useless..

hell.. just disable all the provinces while our elvies conquest the war meter!

Entrael 29-Mar-2005 00:06

seems a little bit over powered to me. I don't a person would take kindly to be sent from the kd for a war. I know i wouldn't. Its also to be quite abusable, and i dont really see much point this op.

Dr Phil 29-Mar-2005 04:27

well it would be good if done to war win kds, just get one of ur provs to defect release all troops get taken down to 300 acres go to vac mode wait for war to end come back and get pumped back up

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