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The Hapless 18-Jun-2001 03:37

To defect or not to defect..

OK, I, Newbie, need the advice of some of you venerable Utopian gods and goddesses :)

I want to know whether I should defect or not. There are only four or five people who regularly post in the forum; we have a hard time organizing anything against anyone. The last war we were in was a rather dismal failure for most of the kingdom for exactly that reason. Also, I rarely see or hear anything from the monarch - those of us who do use the forums are all for another war and have been for several days, yet I've seen nothing from the monarch. Not that I'm saying a quiet king is bad, but I would like to know what's going on from time to time. I'm a thief/mage, so it's very hard for me to get any honor outside of wars.

So it all boils down to the original question: to defect or not to defect? :|


Gwill 18-Jun-2001 03:58

Re: To defect or not to defect..

Do defect.
As soon as possible.

Aerath 18-Jun-2001 06:57

Re: To defect or not to defect..

Either Defect, or get one of the active players to run for Monarch...

DarkSkies X 18-Jun-2001 08:40

Re: To defect or not to defect..

Defection is the last option possible because it totally screws up your province, and some Kingdoms (including my own) do not trust defectors.

Try and get the Monarch more active, failing that, get a new Monarch.

Message all the people you dont hear from and ask tem to be more active. If they do not respond in anyway, attack them once, and say that they have been warned. If they are not moe active they will be killed off.

Also, DO NOT War. Your Kingdom is not active enough yet for a War. You would get hammered easily.

Koli 18-Jun-2001 10:19

Re: To defect or not to defect..

I refer you to this thread for further ideas on how to get your KD more active.


junhui98 18-Jun-2001 12:18

Re: To defect or not to defect..

better no. Because people usually don't believe in defectors.

Koli 18-Jun-2001 13:04

Re: To defect or not to defect..

Runefire, just out of curiosity would you attack a defecter, even if he hadn't done anything but defect?

DarkSkies X 18-Jun-2001 13:12

Re: To defect or not to defect..

Depends on why he defected.

One defector was actually a Monarch who declared on a bigger Kingdom. After we found that out, after asking the Monarchs old Kingdom and the Kingdom he declared on, he was killed. Two ages ago this is.

But we have had one defector in our Kingdom already, and his Kingdom just sucked, so he wanted to leave. So we kept him :)

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