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Brother Green 30-Oct-2011 18:31

Utopia Angel v2.07 Alpha 3
What's new & fixed since version 2.06 Beta 2:

- Updated for the Era of Supremacy (Age #52)! (link)
- BuildCalc: Removed Human and Merchant income bonus from effects list (link)
- MilCalc: Increased Military Science field limit to 100% (was: 50%) (link)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Release Announcement:

A new slider has been introduced when selecting the Fortified stance throughout the calculators. This accommodates with the new dynamic protection against external hits (affects gains for hits against your kingdom).

NOTICE: The following calculator fields will be reset when upgrading to this version: Military Calculator, Buildings Calculator, Power Tools.

Acknowledgements (IRC nicks): tzar, clarey.

Internal Affairs Formatter:

There is currently a bug in Utopia, which distorts the Internal Affairs page and as a result it does not format in Angel. Hopefully, it will be resolved shortly.

UPDATE: The bug in Utopia seems to be fixed now, and the Internal Affairs page formats nicely again.

Brother Green 04-Nov-2011 04:03

Utopia Angel v2.07 Alpha 4
What's new & fixed since version 2.07 Alpha 3:

- Updated to support the new Kingdom page layout (Moongylda)
- Fixed Military Advisor page not formatting when training [IE9] (Moongylda)
- Fixed rare condition of Throne page not being formatted (link)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Brother Green 28-Nov-2011 13:13

Utopia Angel v2.07 Beta
What's new & fixed since version 2.07 Alpha 4:

- Fixed Military Advisor page not formatting on negative army return time (link, Moongylda)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Brother Green 08-Jan-2012 12:20

Utopia Angel v2.07 Beta 2
What's new & fixed since version 2.07 Beta:

- Generals bonus is additive and not multiplicative (link)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Generals Bonus:

The War Room's instant calculation shows that the Generals Bonus is now additive, and no longer multiplicative. It means that the game adds 3% of the raw offense value for each additional General that you send, instead of treating it as a regular multiplicative bonus. Assuming the Javascript-based instant calculation is in line with the internal game engine, we have updated Angel to reflect this change.

How will this change affect your attacks? If you have a positive Offensive Military Efficiency (OME > 100%), then you will get less modified offensive points after this change, resulting in less failed attacks. If you have a negative OME, then you will get more offensive points than before, resulting in potentially more failed attacks.

I would like to thank the following people for bringing the issue to my attention and helping me confirm it: Nargaroth, Feta, Sjet, Brendo, Devolution, Snarko.

Brother Green 06-Feb-2012 18:13

Utopia Angel v2.07 Beta 3
What's new & fixed since version 2.07 Beta 2:

- Fixed error on Survey of province with no buildings (link)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

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