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DeRn HaLL 27-Jun-2007 12:24

My Warning (and about - rep power)
This is preposterous, imo. I was hoping you could reconsider this.

I got warned by SS for something as simple as spamming when all I did was forget to write my poll topic-answer in the poll creation area. He also warned me 2 weeks before. I told him that it was no offence but I felt the warning was unnecessary from his side. And I didn't break the spam-rule either.

Not to mention that if you read the UT rules about 'Spamming' (Quote from the Rules-F.A.Q)

May be distributed to a user who posts a large amount of useless, meaningless and/or annoying messages which do not contribute to the thread's discussion.
Also, let the point be proved: REP-Power does not "harm" me. It harms all the others. I want to rep posts but I refuse to when it's only +1 rep for it, seemingly nothing and unworthy rep. You see what I mean.

Atleast it should be given back with the WP-Decay.

Chillin 27-Jun-2007 12:50

your rep power IS given back when your WPs decay

BouffantBob 27-Jun-2007 12:57

As Chillin points out you do get your WP back and SaSi is normally fair with the WP hell you should have been here 6 months ago when a couple of mods went postal :P

DeRn HaLL 27-Jun-2007 13:06

Okay thanks for the replies.
I just started wondering where my humble 4 rep powers went all of a sudden.
I forgot I had gotten these many wp's during the last days.

But I still stand strong about my last warning :p
Adhere the rules!

Saint Sinner 27-Jun-2007 14:02

I forwarded our conversation to another staff member for review, as I have not recieved a reply yet neither have you from me, though I can say as it has been done in the past anyone that posts multiple posts in succession will be warned for spamming and the posts merged, so doubt the warning will be revoked.

DeRn HaLL 27-Jun-2007 14:18

I know rules are rules and I do try to follow the rules unless I get crazy one second and deliberately break one if I feel I have to comment something off topic (yeah I have that crazy feeling some times...)

But I am not very bothered about my post count and that is why I felt this... pardonable mistake from my side could be reprieved.

NeoDeGenero 28-Jun-2007 08:51

i think the formula was -10% for each warning point.

for 7 WPs
  1. 4 - 0.4 = 3.6
  2. 3.6 - 0.36= 3.24
  3. 3.24 - 0.324 = 2.916
  4. 2.916 - 0.2916 = 2.6244
  5. 2.6244 - 0.26244 = 2.36196
  6. 2.36196 - 0.236196 = 2.125764
  7. 2.125764 - 0.2125794 = 1.9131846

rounded down to nearest int = 1

but yeh, don't worry about the rep powers, it will come back =)

DeRn HaLL 28-Jun-2007 17:27

Yes thanks for the info...
I tried to find out by using the F.A.Q link on top before I wrote the topic, but it's hard to navigate there and I didn't find anything at all.

I saw it now though.. In the 'To Do- List' that they already fixed it.
Perhaps it's just me not reading all subforums.

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