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starwinds 23-May-2002 11:39

Funny Chat with a wannabe..
[20:00] <Tim> all good thieves have 95% draft rate
[20:00] <Tim> and kidnapp peasants to stay alive
[20:00] <starwinds> 95% is impossible
[20:01] <starwinds> 80% is max
[20:01] <Tim> no its not
[20:01] <xsmokeyx> lol
[20:01] <Tim> newbie!
[20:01] <starwinds> i guess if u let urself die
[20:01] <RuNeFiRe> smacked down
[20:01] <starwinds> drop your defense
[20:01] <Tim> you kidnapp to overpop urself
[20:01] <xsmokeyx> tim that is tupid
[20:01] <Tim> hahaha its smart
[20:01] <starwinds> yes 80% max under normal circumstances
[20:01] <Tim> it gets you +5 tpa
[20:01] <xsmokeyx> nah
[20:01] <starwinds> tim, that only works if u can log on every hour or so
[20:01] <xsmokeyx> you could get way more by keeping a good util and having 75% homes
[20:01] <Tim> and you own any thief in the whole of utopia
[20:01] <Tim> No it doesnt
[20:02] <Tim> i logged in once every day
[20:02] <Tim> kidnapp peasants up to 1000
[20:02] <Tim> then steal from my friend rune farm
[20:02] <Tim> then cast meteor shower on ever1
[20:03] <xsmokeyx> tim why not just commit suicide
[20:03] <Tim> ??
[20:03] <xsmokeyx> cause like that you basically are
[20:03] <starwinds> tim, i hate liers
[20:03] <starwinds> and assuch
[20:03] <starwinds> hate you
[20:03] <Tim> Im not lying
[20:03] <Tim> wtf
[20:03] <Tim> I am the Lazy Elf
[20:03] <starwinds> u cant cast MS if u wanted to overpop thieves
[20:03] <xsmokeyx> ok tim if you try something as dumb as that i suggest you dont mess with anyone bigger then you that can break you
[20:04] <Tim> i was Kign of newbie ghetto
[20:04] <starwinds> wow!
[20:04] <xsmokeyx> and you should have at least 10 wpa
[20:04] <starwinds> king of a newbie ghetto
[20:04] <starwinds> :/
[20:04] <Tim> nobody over 1000 acres
[20:04] <Tim> So we war ppl who have no one over 1000 acres
[20:04] <starwinds> u must feel special
[20:04] <xsmokeyx> cause fireballs and massacres would kill you
[20:04] <Tim> no
[20:05] <Tim> how can they possibly fireball me, also fireball does nothing
[20:05] <Tim> noone can break me in the ghettos we war against
[20:05] <Tim> I am good
[20:05] <starwinds> u are lying
[20:05] <Tim> you are both newbies who think i lie
[20:05] <starwinds> stop it
[20:05] <xsmokeyx> 990 Acres
[20:05] <starwinds> omg
[20:05] <Tim> I have been playing since round 6 ok
[20:05] <xsmokeyx> omg
[20:05] <xsmokeyx> you are a super vet
[20:05] <starwinds> [email protected] smokey
[20:06] <Tim> no, but im no newbie
[20:06] <RuNeFiRe> round 5.. well end of anyways.. your point Tim? :)
[20:06] <Tim> And i know basically all fo the game
[20:06] <xsmokeyx> i started in 8
[20:06] <starwinds> i started in 3
[20:06] <starwinds> didnt play every age
[20:06] <xsmokeyx> tim do you know the conquest formula?:)
[20:06] <Tim> started in 3 ??? and you think that 95% draft impossible
[20:06] *** Prince_DEATH has joined #UtopiaTemple
[20:06] <starwinds> its not impossible
[20:06] <starwinds> just stupid
[20:06] <RuNeFiRe> whats the formula for combat losses then Tim ;)
[20:06] <xsmokeyx> for general personality
[20:06] <Tim> how is it stupid i make over 4k honour
[20:06] <Prince_DEATH> Salutations peoples.
[20:07] <starwinds> if the strat was as good as u thought
[20:07] <xsmokeyx> hey death
[20:07] <Tim> as "The Lazy Elf" check top lists
[20:07] <starwinds> u would be able to tget prince easy
[20:07] <starwinds> u could rape other princes
[20:07] <Tim> i started late age though
[20:07] <starwinds> according to your "super thief"
[20:07] <xsmokeyx> starry that reminds me of my first age
[20:07] <xsmokeyx> i had a 25 tpa raw
[20:07] <xsmokeyx> had no defense
[20:07] <Prince_DEATH> I am already Prince, heh heh.
[20:07] <starwinds> tim
[20:07] <Tim> I got 25 tpa WITH defense
[20:07] <xsmokeyx> but i had a 25 raw tpa
[20:07] <RuNeFiRe> Tim, trouble with top lists, anyone can claim them..
[20:07] <Tim> NO
[20:07] <Tim> check it
[20:07] <Tim> The Lazy ELf
[20:08] <RuNeFiRe> I was Strife before I was GBd etc
[20:08] <Tim> over 4k honour
[20:08] <starwinds> check me
[20:08] <xsmokeyx> i am dark angel
[20:08] <starwinds> my name is tredvolt
[20:08] <RuNeFiRe> I was HoDF
[20:08] <Tim> ...but you arent
[20:08] <starwinds> u lie runey
[20:08] <starwinds> hodf was my other prov
[20:08] <starwinds> caught you!
[20:08] <xsmokeyx> until someone hits me then i will trade provs with whoever hit me
[20:08] <starwinds> :P
[20:08] <Prince_DEATH> Starry is Tredvolt!
[20:08] <RuNeFiRe> I was going through this identity crisis, so I was a Queen despite being male ;)
[20:08] <Prince_DEATH> heh heh heh
[20:08] <RuNeFiRe> see
[20:08] <xsmokeyx> lol
[20:08] <Tim> yes but only losers would lie
[20:09] <RuNeFiRe> why I dont believe people who say "I was ...."
[20:09] <xsmokeyx> ahhum
[20:09] <RuNeFiRe> had enough people impersonate me in other games so ;)
[20:09] <Prince_DEATH> I was a Count.
[20:09] <xsmokeyx> lol
[20:09] <Tim> yea i was a count
[20:09] <Prince_DEATH> A long time ago.
[20:09] <starwinds> so ur a loser then tim?
[20:09] <Prince_DEATH> Actually, only a couple ages ago.
[20:09] <xsmokeyx> lol starry
[20:09] <Tim> starwinds, you are not hot
[20:09] <starwinds> tim, face it
[20:09] <RuNeFiRe> she is
[20:09] <xsmokeyx> i was a prince in round 8!
[20:10] <Prince_DEATH> I am always a Prince.
[20:10] <xsmokeyx> lol
[20:10] <starwinds> you tried to fool us
[20:10] <starwinds> and u didnt
[20:10] <starwinds> so just fuck off
[20:10] <Tim> fool?
[20:10] <Tim> you are the fool
[20:10] <Tim> I am not lying
[20:10] <starwinds> if it was so "good"
[20:10] <starwinds> then do it every age
[20:10] <starwinds> u idiot
[20:10] <Tim> I am atatcker this age
[20:10] <starwinds> and why are u telling us
[20:10] <xsmokeyx> i need to get some conquests so i can perfect my formula
[20:10] <starwinds> so even if it did work
[20:11] <starwinds> ur stupid for teling us
[20:11] <Prince_DEATH> Heh heh, before Age 14, my highest honor was 1350, and it was called fame when I reached it.
[20:11] <starwinds> dont even think of arguing with me tim
[20:11] <RuNeFiRe> 2100 I think for me..
[20:11] <xsmokeyx> age 9 honor started
[20:11] <Tim> 85% home, 15% Guild
[20:11] <Tim> Max sci
[20:11] <xsmokeyx> age 8 i was a princess
[20:11] <xsmokeyx> :)
[20:11] <RuNeFiRe> Age 10 I got 2100.. was my top ;)
[20:11] <Tim> homne not affected by util that age
[20:11] <starwinds> TIM
[20:11] <RuNeFiRe> Baron Runefire ;)
[20:11] <starwinds> FARMS
[20:11] <starwinds> UR DUMB
[20:12] <starwinds> STOP TRYING
[20:12] <Tim> I STOLE THE FOOD WA***R
[20:12] <Prince_DEATH> I forgot what my record was in 14, I was a count but not by much and it didn't last long.
[20:12] <starwinds> that wont work
[20:12] <starwinds> 85% homes
[20:12] <starwinds> u would strave
[20:12] <xsmokeyx> tim you logged in once a day and stole your food?
[20:12] <xsmokeyx> yeah he would
[20:12] <Tim> OMG I AM ELF I CASST NB
[20:12] <xsmokeyx> how did nb help?
[20:13] <Tim> I had all the spells
[20:13] <Tim> Reflect magic
[20:13] <xsmokeyx> every spell?
[20:13] <Tim> Meteor SHowers
[20:13] <starwinds> listen tim u idiot
[20:13] <starwinds> NB DOES NOTHING
[20:13] <starwinds> IT LOWERS DECAY
[20:13] <starwinds> u idiot
[20:13] <xsmokeyx> what age tim?
[20:13] <Prince_DEATH> I hate farms... actually I loved them, they provided me with a load of goodies before Mehul deleted them.
[20:13] <starwinds> food doesnt decay if its being almost eaten
[20:13] <starwinds> wiht 85% homes
[20:14] <Tim> dis believer
[20:14] <starwinds> u would bloody need to steal at LEAST 100k bushels an hour
[20:14] <starwinds> 50k sorry
[20:14] <Tim> the best strats are the hardest to survive with
[20:14] <xsmokeyx> starry with 85% homes his max pop would be so huge it would eat everything he had
[20:14] <Tim> Not at 500 acres!!
[20:14] <Tim> you guys
[20:14] <starwinds> 500 acres
[20:14] <starwinds> what was ur tpa
[20:14] <starwinds> 25
[20:14] <Tim> The Best thief strat, is the hardest to survive

starwinds 23-May-2002 11:41

Part 2!
[20:14] <Prince_DEATH> No use for strategies. Just play the way you want and you'll do well and have fun at the same time. Racking your brain trying to do well just makes Utopia plain well boring.
[20:15] <starwinds> IS THAT SO HARD?
[20:15] <starwinds> OMG U IDIOT
[20:15] <Tim> Yes, being a King, in a newbie ghetto, warring kingdoms with 1 good province i can duel with
[20:15] <xsmokeyx> he's a wanna be a has been
[20:15] <starwinds> Utopiatemple UD is going to have such a laugh when they read this log
[20:15] <xsmokeyx> lol
[20:15] <Tim> Ok you have a good old laugh
[20:16] <Tim> u get ur jollies out of utopia
[20:16] <Tim> WHen you have been playing since age 3
[20:16] <Tim> And you dont know a good thief strat
[20:16] <starwinds> so u had 12500 thieves at 500 acres?
[20:16] <Tim> when its spoon fed too you
[20:16] <Tim> Yes over 10k thieves
[20:16] <starwinds> ok fine
[20:16] <starwinds> how much defense?
[20:16] <Tim> it fluctuated with losses
[20:16] <Prince_DEATH> I've played since Age 3, no such thing as a consistent strategy each age.
[20:16] <Tim> 50 dpa
[20:16] <starwinds> ok
[20:16] <starwinds> what race
[20:16] <Tim> Elf
[20:16] <starwinds> all elites?
[20:16] <Tim> ...OF COURSE
[20:17] <xsmokeyx> impossible
[20:17] <Tim> It wont work on the simulator, home affected by util
[20:17] <starwinds> and u relise your prov would die of lack of funding right away
[20:17] <Tim> No
[20:17] <Tim> die??
[20:17] <starwinds> yes
[20:17] <starwinds> it dies
[20:17] <Tim> Lanck of funding LOL
[20:17] <starwinds> u wanna go try it
[20:17] <xsmokeyx> thieves dont work unless they get paid if i remember correctly
[20:17] <Tim> you dont die from lack of funcing
[20:17] <starwinds> yes you do
[20:17] <starwinds> try it on sim
[20:17] <Tim> hahahahaha
[20:17] <Tim> sim ahahhahaha
[20:17] <starwinds> 100% homes undead strat
[20:17] <starwinds> u try it
[20:17] <starwinds> u bloody idiot
[20:17] <Tim> ahahahah
[20:17] <xsmokeyx> the sim is too up to date starry
[20:17] <Tim> newb
[20:18] <Tim> lolololol
[20:18] <starwinds> what round is he talking about
[20:18] <starwinds> give me the round
[20:18] <Tim> cant remember look in top lists for The Lazy Elf
[20:18] <Prince_DEATH> I knew a Lazy Dwarf.
[20:19] <xsmokeyx> but 85% homes on 500 acres would only provide about 4500 extra peasants
[20:19] <xsmokeyx> houses did only give 10 extra peasants right?
[20:19] * Prince_DEATH pets a cat.
[20:19] <Tim> You kidnapp to overpopulate
[20:19] <Tim> You had to stay below +50% overpopulation
[20:19] <Tim> or your thieves would not work if i remember correctly
[20:19] <starwinds> what wpa tim
[20:19] <Tim> so if max pop was 10k u cant go above 15k
[20:20] <Tim> dont remember, over 5 definately
[20:20] <starwinds> over 5
[20:20] <Tim> 5 mod
[20:20] <starwinds> ok
[20:20] <starwinds> i want it raw
[20:20] <starwinds> 2k
[20:20] <starwinds> ?
[20:20] <Tim> well i dont remember
[20:20] <starwinds> ill say 3 raw
[20:20] * Prince_DEATH continues petting the cat.
[20:20] <xsmokeyx> only 5 mod tpa?!?!?!?
[20:20] <Tim> it fluctuates with assasinationg etc
[20:20] <starwinds> u idiot
[20:20] <Tim> I said OVER 5
[20:20] <starwinds> IF U HAVe 25tpa raw
[20:20] <Tim> and WPA
[20:20] <Tim> WPA
[20:20] <xsmokeyx> that's nothing
[20:20] <Tim> WPA
[20:20] <starwinds> why would they bloody assisinate u
[20:20] <Tim> WPA
[20:20] <xsmokeyx> oh
[20:20] <Tim> WPA
[20:20] <Tim> WPA
[20:20] <Tim> WPA
[20:20] <Tim> WPA
[20:21] <xsmokeyx> shush
[20:21] <Tim> tpa over 25
[20:21] <Prince_DEATH> WPA
[20:21] <Prince_DEATH> WPA
[20:21] <Prince_DEATH> WPA
[20:21] <Prince_DEATH> Geez children.
[20:21] <starwinds> death shut it
[20:21] <Prince_DEATH> hahahaha
[20:21] <xsmokeyx> how could they assassinate if you had the best thief strat ever?:)
[20:21] <starwinds> they gonna assissinate you
[20:21] <starwinds> u had the "best thief strat"
[20:21] <Tim> Its called "RANDOM FACTOR:
[20:21] <Tim> Others can run same strat cant they?
[20:21] <Tim> Im not lying
[20:22] <starwinds> random factor = 1 op out of 25 ops
[20:22] <Tim> stop trying to prove me wrong
[20:22] <Tim> no
[20:22] <xsmokeyx> how many peasants you had?
[20:22] <Tim> You have absolutely no idea
[20:22] <starwinds> 95% military and thives
[20:22] <Tim> smokey>very little
[20:22] <xsmokeyx> because if you ran 100% homes you would only have 875 peasants at 95% draft
[20:22] <starwinds> so he had
[20:22] <Tim> as little as i could possible have
[20:22] <starwinds> u had a 21375 pop
[20:22] <starwinds> on 500 acres
[20:22] <starwinds> thats not exactly right
[20:23] <Tim> damn straight
[20:23] <starwinds> pop scie was 25%
[20:23] <starwinds> right
[20:23] <xsmokeyx> 16 - 17k would be his pop with that
[20:24] <starwinds> lol
[20:24] <starwinds> what age was this about
[20:24] <starwinds> 7?
[20:24] <starwinds> 8?
[20:24] <starwinds> 9?
[20:24] <xsmokeyx> 12500 would be a raw 25 tpa
[20:24] <starwinds> around about
[20:24] <starwinds> tim. answer the question
[20:24] <Tim> yes around 7,8,9
[20:24] <Tim> have no idea
[20:24] <Tim> Well ,
[20:25] <Tim> you have fun, calculating
[20:25] <Tim> cya
[20:25] *** Tim has left #utopiatemple
[20:25] <starwinds> haha
[20:25] <starwinds> thats impossible
[20:25] <starwinds> he would run out of stealth
[20:25] <Prince_DEATH> No one had 21,000+ peasants with 500 acres in those ages.
[20:25] <starwinds> cause no personalities
[20:25] <starwinds> i was going to ask him what personality he was
[20:25] <starwinds> see if i could trip him up
[20:26] <xsmokeyx> after his 3 raw wpa and 25 raw tpa he would only have 3000 peasants
[20:26] <starwinds> then u add his army
[20:26] <Prince_DEATH> I was a black mage peasant killer, I never saw more than 16,000 peasants in 500 acre provinces. 21,000 peasants come in at around 650-700 acres.
[20:26] <starwinds> brb
Session Close: Thu May 23 20:27:31 2002

PaulyOffLeash 23-May-2002 11:51

So funny
How pathetic of someone to try to say that.I worked out the numbers and at max with 95% draft he would only be able to have a 20 dpa.This is with elfs have a 5 def point elite(wasn't sure about that age so i guesstimated).

d3fton3s 23-May-2002 11:52

Umm.. Nothing funny here.. This is sad.. I mean, the guy is lying so obiously.. Didn't even check the facts.. I'de bet he has a friend playing this and thats how he knows TPA and those things hehe..

Darthjon 23-May-2002 13:48

Hehe, I laughed. What an idiot, I love when dumb people lie becuz it is obvious and they defend themself as best they can. it is hilarious.

Firemage 23-May-2002 15:46

What an idiot...
But it's worth a good laugh! :lol

SM Tengu 23-May-2002 16:05

My bro ones had 40 modded TPA ;) now that's thief overkill =P

Ironballs 23-May-2002 18:23

Actualy running over popped works fine. Unless someone interacts with your province it doesn't get updated till you next log in. So I could log in and have 0 peasants but aslong as I kidnap before the hour change when I log in then I'll be fine. It doesn't work if someone casts a spell on you or sends you aid or what ever. Some did this in Jihad's kingdom but went in active and then when they got sent food so they didn't starve they pked themselves heheh

ingky 23-May-2002 18:59

An obvious noob trying to make it big. What is his nick in UT btw?

Theyarv 23-May-2002 21:41


i love the way anything past 9 minutes after the ho0ur gets removed!!! And explain how you can get anywhere near 40tpa?

Tiny Tim 23-May-2002 23:36

What is the big fuss, i do think my strat is good and it really works!

SM Tengu 24-May-2002 00:08

Theyarv, well, he had no farms, he stole all his food, and he had 60% homes and 40% schools or something and pretty low DPA... ;P And even if he got hit, his TPA would rise ;) I don't know the exact details on how it worked... Maxed out science off course...

Disabled 24-May-2002 07:54

i love this
Tim has just brighten my day^^

exmuse 24-May-2002 08:48

Theyarv, I know an insane thief who once hit 46.5 modified TPA. Want me to go get him for you? :)

*runs off to get H&V*

Kv1z4tz 24-May-2002 10:27

I actually thought Tim was quite experienced. Well, one's allowed to get surprised sometimes... But what if it really DOES work? Are you sure it wouldn't?

Firemage 24-May-2002 10:57

Oh, it was our Tiny Tim? Thought it was an unknown nOOb.

Anyway, why would you want such an high tpa?
To succeed in every op? Would be the same with 20 tpa.

To get more from ops? As far as I know, there is a max in every op. And for hat you would definately have to send less than 40 tpa.

And I think your dpa would be way too low, even with overpopulating and overdrafting. This would definately not work in BF, don't know about WoL though.

geddon2 24-May-2002 11:50

That Tim was not Tiny Tim, I'm sure of that.

PsychoGimpy 24-May-2002 18:05

somebody said in there they were ranked like in age 8, Umm honor ranks didn't exist then, im not sure exactly what age it was, but it was after age 8, so its obvious that Prince Death was lying, and Tim was lying.

Firemage 24-May-2002 20:38


(Originally posted by Tiny Tim)

What is the big fuss, i do think my strat is good and it really works!
Read carefull! That Tim from the chat is OUR Tiny Tim! He says it himself!

starwinds 25-May-2002 02:09


(Originally posted by PsychoGimpy)

somebody said in there they were ranked like in age 8, Umm honor ranks didn't exist then, im not sure exactly what age it was, but it was after age 8, so its obvious that Prince Death was lying, and Tim was lying.
It was called Fame......

bonuses after every 500 fame if my memory is right.....

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