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Black Oranje 29-Jul-2010 11:54

When do you take a shower?
As a kid, I used to take shower by the end of the afternoon, when I got home from school, before dinner. Later on, when I was in the army, that changed to showering in the morning: it's nice to start your day clean, having washed away the sweat and all that from the night of sleep.

That habit stuck around, I still take showers in the morning, although I take another one if my day at work was very hard (sometimes I make some extra money building scaffolding, hard word, guaranteed to break a sweat hehe)

So when do you tend to take your shower?

Roxtin 31-Jul-2010 23:39

when I was younger, I took showers at night - helped my fall asleep.

But in my later years of HS and college, I started taking my showers in the morning to help wake up faster.

However, if I change the sheets - or I'm going out for the night - I'll still shower at night too.

Greeney 01-Aug-2010 07:48

More often at night, I just like to get every minute in during the morning. :b

Sarak 01-Aug-2010 16:48

I'm completely useless if I don't have a shower and brush my teeth immediately after I get up. I do the same before I go out as well and obviously after physical exercise. There's nothing worse than waking up ten minutes too late for a shower.. :/ Stupid work!

What annoys and confuses me is as soon as me or my mum buys suitable shampoo and conditioner (i.e, the expensive womens stuff), all my brothers use it (and have ever since they turned into teenagers). They've the sweetest smelling hair (for girlmen) which is normally fine but on more than one occasion I've been forced to use one of the three Lynx shampoos because all mine are gone. The youngest turns 13 tomorrow.. and guess what his hair smells like now after his shower?
Damnable siblings :( For the days of yore when I actually thought my younger brothers listened to me!

I don't normally explain my hygiene situation with the internet, but I get a disappointing lack of empathy from my friends vis-a-vis the hair products issue. Lend me your empathy! And don't steal your sisters hair shampoo! It's totally not cool.*

*On a sidenote, don't take her razor either and then leave it back where you found it all covered in hair that's not from your face. Gross! I hate boys!

Valek 02-Aug-2010 00:36

When I wake up, before I go to sleep and after nice hot steamy... exercise!

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