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Voice of Reason 24-Feb-2012 15:44

...that extradition treaty again.
Christopher Tappin condemns treatment as US extradition under way

This is the latest in a serious of controversial cases of Britons being extradited to the US, and this particular one comes after the promised review of the 2003 treaty found that - surprise! - there was no problem.

An earlier investigation found the opposite:-

"The Government should increase the proof required for the extradition of British citizens to the US so as to require sufficient evidence to establish probable cause, as is required for the extradition of a US citizen to the UK. This will require renegotiation of the UK-US Extradition Treaty."

The question is whether the 2003 treaty is, in fact, biased against Britons, or whether the lack of Americans being extradited to the UK is a symptom of a system designed for terrorists being abused, or in fact whether any extradition treaty should exist at all.


My take on this is that if Mr Tappin (or anybody else) has not committed a crime while under the jurisdiction of US law (or any other law) it is ridiculous that he can be extradited and tried there. Basically, IMO, Britons operating out of Britain should not have to concern themselves with breaking US laws.

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