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Grizaje 15-Aug-2001 07:53

the main cause of playing utopia is?
What Kind Of People Plays Utopia?
Does utopia attract RPG'ers? Fanatasy Player? Who do people play this game? When true players searching the web n read the stroyline of Utopia, what did they expect...

medival Surrealist - you decided to play utopia because you though it would be a strategy game in the medival world and be specific of the details, making sense.

a Strategic Fantasy - choosen to play semi medival n fantasy like game but off beat to "HOW IT SHOULD BE" cause so n so at that time "this n that" didnt "do that"...

A RPG, strategy game - you played expecting to be somewhat RPG, where u interact, play a certain role as the character you taken n have more interaction with a character and the action that utopia hold.

diverse strategy game - decided to play this game just for the "strategic purpose". didnt care for "medieval based" style of the game.

Nakor BlueRider 15-Aug-2001 12:21

Re: the main cause of playing utopia is?

I think this belongs in Poll Heaven...

Grizaje 16-Aug-2001 04:04

Re: the main cause of playing utopia is?

sorry my bad. anyhow, people please votes...

Mookie 16-Aug-2001 05:29

Re: the main cause of playing utopia is?

Hmmm. I wanted to vote for the option 'Addiction'. Well it's true isn't it? :p

Grizaje 16-Aug-2001 08:32

Re: the main cause of playing utopia is?


Nakor BlueRider 16-Aug-2001 14:28

Re: the main cause of playing utopia is?

You had an addiction before you started playing? I think this is sort of why you started.

Balron 17-Aug-2001 19:24

You are all cursed !!!

With my company now that I have been banned and am an ocassionally unable to sleep I start posting till I fall asleep muhahahaha Lots and lots of Balron last Poster tonight :) Anyway I was addicted to PBW before I started playing Utopia so I refuse to vote :)

ForsakenHope 18-Aug-2001 22:42

Re: You are all cursed (execpt VoH ) !!!

i think you have had too much drink ...you don't make sense to me ..

Balron 19-Aug-2001 00:41

more like I was posting without sleep =)

but ya that didn't make sense even to me =) (curses 4am posts)

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