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Brother Green 06-Aug-2007 09:45

Utopia Angel v1.85 Alpha 1
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What's new & fixed since version 1.84 Alpha 3:

- Updated for Genesis #16! (link)
- BuildCalc: Mystic personality no longer increases rune production (link)
- Better support for large Clipboard data (Starfriend)
- NEW: CUTS.NAME Integration! (see below)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Release Announcement:

This is the first version compatible with Genesis #16.

IMPORTANT: The Clipboard Manager toolbar positions will be reset when upgrading to this version.

CUTS.NAME Integration:

CUTS.NAME is a free service for shortening long URL's. Utopia Angel integrates it by automatically shortening URL's copied to the Clipboard. You may temporarily skip conversion by disabling Clipboard Monitoring (left-click tray icon) or by copying the URL again (CTRL-C-C).

The integration is disabled by default. To enable it, right-click the tray icon, select Settings > Internet Settings > CUTS.NAME.

In addition, a new option (menu option and tool button) is available in the Clipboard Manager to manually shortening URL's. The tool button is invisible by default, enable it from the Toolbars menu (Special > Show).

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(if you can't see the image above, click here)

Known Issue:

Customized toolbar positions in the Clipboard Manager might not be remembered correctly throughout sessions.

If you are a programmer and know how to correctly save and restore toolbar positions in a TControlBar component, please contact me!

Brother Green 02-Sep-2007 23:37

Utopia Angel v1.85 Beta
What's new & fixed since version 1.85 Alpha 1:

- ClipMan: Partially fixed restoring toolbar positions throughout sessions
- SciCalc: Bars maximum PPA value raised to 3000 (link)
- Import money field even if 0gc from Science Advisor page (link)
- Science Export Line version updated to 5

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Export Lines:

The Science Export Line version has been updated to 5.

You will be able to read older Export Lines with this version of Angel, however older versions of Angel will not be able to read Export Lines generated by this version of Angel and up.

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