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Bierkrug 09-Nov-2009 06:39

When will Utopia be running?
Utopia has been down for well over two weeks. Deadline after deadline has come and gone. Let us know when you will think it will come up.

Bierkrug 10-Nov-2009 06:33

Well it is up frozen, we will see what happens when it goes open all the way. The TM's have been active since the can do opps but no attacking interesting.

Adderla 13-Nov-2009 00:12

See, I didn't even realise Utopia was down...
Shows how much I know nowadays...

Chillin 15-Nov-2009 03:41

seems to be running somewhat ok-ish the last day or two

HarleyQuinnROX 29-Nov-2009 17:08

full of bugs that they wont or don't fix ..... wont ever be back up and running properly expect it to be offline for ever within 6 months

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