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Konc 20-Dec-2006 03:27

[2006] Dexter
Genre: Crime, Drama

Plot: Based on Jeff Lindsay's novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter," this new crime thriller tells the story of a strange man named Dexter Morgan. Once an abused and abandoned child, Dexter is now a successful forensics pathologist...but lurking just beneath his charismatic personality is a terrible truth. Dexter has corralled his innate homicidal urges into a closely guarded second career: He hunts down and brutally murders those vicious criminals who have managed to avoid the clutches of the law.

Michael C. Hall .... Dexter Morgan (12 episodes, 2006)
Julie Benz .... Rita Bennett (12 episodes, 2006)
Jennifer Carpenter .... Debra Morgan (12 episodes, 2006)
Erik King .... Sergeant Doakes (12 episodes, 2006)
Lauren Vélez .... Lt. Maria Laguerta (12 episodes, 2006)
David Zayas .... Angel Batista (12 episodes, 2006)
James Remar .... Harry Morgan (12 episodes, 2006)
C.S. Lee .... Vince Masuka (11 episodes, 2006)
Christina Robinson .... Astor (11 episodes, 2006)
Daniel Goldman .... Cody (11 episodes, 2006)
Geoffrey Pierson .... Captain Tom Astor / ... (11 episodes, 2006)
Devon Graye .... Teenage Dexter (8 episodes, 2006)
Christian Camargo .... Rudy (7 episodes, 2006)
Mark Pellegrino .... Paul / ... (7 episodes, 2006)
Dominic Janes .... Young Dexter (5 episodes, 2006)

TV.com link:

IMDB link:

KnightoftheNite 24-Dec-2006 07:34

More people should watch this show. Love it love it love it. Season finale was just last Sunday night, it was...nice. Followed the series since the start, and my pulse was thumping all the way. Watch this!

Unreal21 31-Dec-2006 20:16


It's CSI meets Jack the Ripper. Sick show. Love it.

Samurai Pooh 27-Oct-2007 20:11

I've just started watching it, almost done the first season.

This show owns. Dexters is teh awesome l33t uberkiller.

Maceman 29-Oct-2008 12:03

This show is the best I've ever seen. Great plots, subplots and the actors are really in shape here.

Dexter is here to stay!

Greeney 30-Oct-2008 00:11

If you haven't seen the first season yet, go rent the DVD.
Only bad thing about this show is how addictive it is to watch. :P

homeloans 01-Jul-2009 10:27

I didn't see the first season. How can i see the first season.

Konc 01-Jul-2009 17:15

If nothing else, you can get it off Amazon.

Greeney 01-Jul-2009 19:28

Blockbuster should have it too.

Lunor 01-Dec-2009 16:24

Dexter is the best series I have ever seen.

Really amazing. And it just keeps getting better and better! Season 3 was better than 1 and 2 and Season 4 easily tops Season 3 for me.

Fantastic stuff and I hope it keeps going for a long time!

Roxtin 01-Dec-2009 23:21

Makes me glad to see I'm not the only one who loves this show ... simply put, it is a great show.

mike7184 17-Oct-2011 12:04

I love this show . When I Watch the first episode I just fell in love with it .

Konc 21-Oct-2011 09:18

Same here! In the middle of season 4 I stopped watching though, didn't have time for it... now I fully intend to catch up!

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