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Nakor BlueRider 08-Aug-2001 08:08

Trade Balance Bonus

Here's a copy of a few posts made in polls heaven under the post that asked if ppl think you should get honour for sending aid:


Registered User
Posts: 3
(8/4/01 2:05:41 am)
Reply Re: Should we gain Honor for supplying Aid ?

I thought about adding a straight "no" vote but this is much more fun. I still think there should be some sort of bonus for having a huge + in aid/trade. If you did have a bonus, what would be a good one? gc's, food, bonus land evrey so often? Eh I am not too worried about positive comments. That is why they call it the think tank.

Nakor BlueRider
Registered User
Posts: 240
(8/5/01 8:15:34 pm)
Re: Should we gain Honor for supplying Aid ?

This isn't the Think Tank, this is just Poll heaven. UTT's a few boards down. I think you should get a small amount of bonus income. But it'd have to have a maximum so ppl can't drive their balance way up and get a bonus of something like 100K gc per day

-- Nakor, the Blue Rider

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Posts: 11
(8/7/01 8:09:00 pm)
Reply Re: Should we gain Honor for supplying Aid ?

Gc's sounds like a good bonus also, I am making 100K for my 20 hour bonus already this Age. An added bonus that is capped might be pretty cool reward for a + surplus in your trade defeicit.


What do you guys think about giving a small gc bonus for those with high trade balances, capped so you can't get more than, say, the 20hr away bonus? I figure it's a good idea.

Sovy Kurosei 08-Aug-2001 17:07

Re: Trade Balance Bonus

But if your TB is so high in the first place, what are you going to do with those extra GC's?

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