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NRamza 06-Jul-2002 21:13

Military Calculator Bonus Error (Undead)
You could see for yourself.

1. Reset the panel to Default
2. Choose Undead
3. Go to relations and go click on War
4. Look at your Military Bonus u get, it's much more then anyone would expect.

4B. If the # isn't wrong, be sure to see if you have War Sci at 0, Barracks at 0, general at 1 etc. And be sure to reset again just incase cause by resettin it should go back to its normal state.

Brother Green 06-Jul-2002 22:16

Re: Military Calculator Bonus Error (Undead)
I get 21%, what's the problem?

NRamza 07-Jul-2002 13:48

Weird.. I got 27%..
Maybe I'll reinstall Angel
I had a picture here but it won't let me attach it for some reason. Oh well

Brother Green 07-Jul-2002 20:04

A-ha, I had the feeling you posted in the wrong forum... Moving now.

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