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Saint Sinner 07-Jul-2011 17:28

This is the place to present your case if you feel that you have gotten unrightfully warned. The main purpose of this thread is to keep those discussions from dragging threads off topic in the rest of our forums.

Also please note that this isn't the place to complain about others not getting warned and/or banned, nor is it intended for people to post on behalf of others. If they have a case, they can present it themselves.

Posts made by a user on behalf of or about someone else, or posts made asking about someone else's warnings will not only be ignored, in addition, they will be considered off topic and warned as such.

Kindly take heed of the fact this thread is for user to moderator. Not user to user, or user for another user to moderator. We can well defend our actions without needing to rely on users to explain them.

Please note that the banned users have access to a seperate forum where they can complain about their warnings and/or bans. The user will have access to that forum during the ban time only. Anything that is written there will only be viewed by moderators and the person itself - one banned user cannot see another banned user's thread.

Addition as of February 8, 2008:
We keep this thread open as a courtesy, all we demand in return is that you keep your posts and your language civil and check your attitude at the door. Failing that, we reserve the right to ignore your complaint without explanation.

Azure Dragon 07-Jul-2012 10:20

You know things are quiet when we don't have any complaints :)

Thunder TA 30-Jul-2012 03:00

but doesnt that get boring ? want me to act up like the old days for a bit ?

Azure Dragon 30-Jul-2012 23:13

Go for it... my mod wand is getting a little rusty :(

Thunder TA 01-Aug-2012 01:56

should i pull up a old Jaco quote so yall can tell me not to post for others like Naz used to :)

Konc 02-Aug-2012 10:42

We don't need a blast from the past like that. ;)

Valek 10-Aug-2012 03:50

I can go back to how I used to be... eh? What ya think to that Vjeko? :lol ;)

Saint Sinner 26-Sep-2012 19:20

Today marks 9 years since my first warning by Naz, can I still file a complaint?

Valek 26-Sep-2012 22:02

My first warning from him will be 10 years on October 5th, seems like just yesterday. Looking back, makes me realize how stupid I was 10 years ago.

Instead a complaint, how about a "Thank you". :)

Saint Sinner 12-Nov-2012 08:09

Actually I do want to thank the old guard .. ESPECIALLY Vjeko and Dave
You guys have been awesome over the years with helping me on a host of issues
Wish we had more contact still

Valek 16-Nov-2012 07:25

Yeah, so many lost contacts who were like family... :(

Makes me wonder how they are all doing.

Konc 19-Nov-2012 16:08


Originally Posted by Valek (Post 1700720)
I can go back to how I used to be... eh? What ya think to that Vjeko? :lol ;)

Oh lord, please don't ever go back there. :p

Valek 24-Nov-2012 00:28

I don't think I could even if I wanted to now, that guy is long gone!

Saint Sinner 26-Nov-2012 23:27

took a lot of energy to be that stupid lol :p

Thunder TA 18-Jan-2013 22:09

March 5th will be 10 years since my first slap.Tengu got me way back then :)

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