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Saint Sinner 08-Feb-2015 01:41

RiP Black Aurora
I know at this point most of us has scattered to the wind and spend little time here but ...

Vincent Korrel who we knew as Black Aurora passed away at the age of 29.

Most will remember him as an absolute trouble maker of a kid who just couldn't come to terms with the idea of rules here at UT or even what the word "ban" meant
I was lucky enough to keep in touch with him outside of Utopia and have some good times playing other games and watch him turn in to a pretty damn decent guy
I regret that our different projects kept us from chatting as much as we used to in the last few years but i am happy to have had his friendship for as long as I did

Swifty 08-Feb-2015 14:00

So young. :(


Brother Green 13-Feb-2015 00:53

Re: RiP Black Aurora
That's terrible news :(
How did it happen?

Nimon 14-Feb-2015 03:06

That's awful.

XxBaBooNxX 18-Feb-2015 05:58

horable new
RiP man and say hi to all the good ones who also died to young.

Brightbane 22-Feb-2015 09:25

Upsetting news, he was on here a bit before me but I'm sad to hear it

QuantumChaos 23-Feb-2015 18:35

Shit that sucks.


Lunor 08-Mar-2015 19:39

Wow that's sad to hear. Rest in peace.

lmc 03-Apr-2015 01:12

Damn. I remember the guy. Hope he had fun while it lasted.

Take care of yourselves out there.

Electricbassguy 10-Apr-2015 00:31

Sorry to hear that.

Do not mourn. Listen to loud music and fight the evil Kate!
:nerd :nerd :nerd

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