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Black Oranje 02-Aug-2010 13:00

event tickets and wristbands... do you keep em?
As any other guy, I visit events and festivals, usually involving a concert of some rapper. For some reason, I tend to keep the tickets and wristbands I get at those events (not around my wrist, just, somewhere in a drawer). It's a nice reminder of good times and a lot of fun.

Do you hol don to the tickets and wristbands you get at events?

Celtic22 02-Aug-2010 14:16

Concerts are actually probably one of the few things i will never do because I just dislike the idea in general. Only went to one when i was 14 or thereabouts and just got bored.

I also dislike rap very very very much :b

So ya, not a lot of wristbands to hold onto :p

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