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Brother Green 08-Nov-2008 04:27

Round start time question
With the server move being delayed, would you prefer to have a shorter Freeze Time and start the round on schedule, or have a normal Free Time period, and start the round a bit later?

Asakura 08-Nov-2008 05:14

Re: Round start time question
I believe a good number of players have had things planned ahead before the dates get or will get delayed again, and if the dates shift again it'll probably inconvenience a lot of them.

I don't see why we need extra freeze time anyway, the accounts and forums were still open for days the past week after the game was frozen for end, that should have been plenty of time for discussion and planning.

Uthar 08-Nov-2008 05:18

There should be a delay since we have to get the people moving forward again.
Yes we have had time to plan but there are always issues with a reset once we start back up.

tletc 08-Nov-2008 05:25

Can't wait to play...dying of withdrawal :lol

When exactly is the "start on schedule" date and time though???

PlatiumHD 08-Nov-2008 06:24

The reason I think that the you should carry on with the normal delay/freeze time is that major changes were made while waiting on this portion of the age end. The problem with immediately going to the normal start state after postponeing it is that alot of kingdoms will find provinces not in theme or proper race for the kingdom. I still feel provinces who have been waiting expecting to have the freeze time to properly setup their account according to kd will be without that option. Which really isnt too fair.

Rasbarin 08-Nov-2008 07:24

There's more than enough time already to discuss KD theme/race/personality. Doesn't take more than 10 mins to "properly set up your account" during freeze time. There's no reason for extra freeze time unless major changes were made to the "final" changes, the KD forums were up plenty long for any discussion about that.

Shorter freeze time please and get the game started already!

Rocklee 08-Nov-2008 07:27

24 hr is fairly enough time for Freeze Time because everyone has different time zone. :)

PlatiumHD 08-Nov-2008 07:30

Re: Round start time question

Originally Posted by Rocklee (Post 1656631)
24 hr is fairly enough time for Freeze Time because everyone has different time zone. :)

I think 24 hours would be fine, just as long as we have that much time, as not every province may have been paying attention to the forums... its not every age that this situation occurs.

Brikeling 08-Nov-2008 09:02

Bring it on
It has been long enuff now... :o

facula 08-Nov-2008 09:07

Come on. Pfft
This is taking toooooo looooonnnnnnggggggggg

lazar 08-Nov-2008 09:38

Re: Round start time question
this sucks...all this situation sucks...i can't make my prov...u OMAC guys suck...

vistar 08-Nov-2008 09:58

I don't know maybe it is my amarican education or thier lack of experience but am i wrong for thinking omac has nearly no idea what they are doing. the testing should have been done last week and the dns should be done already it is not hard to migrate a server unless it is like your first time. call me what you will. I have a bs in network administration so i do know what i am talking about. but maybe omac does not have people with the knowledge of the businesses i deal with.

I feel as if omac is not giving us (The people who pay thier wages) the respect we deserve.

xX DonJuan Xx 08-Nov-2008 10:23

give everyone the normal freeze time...players in KDs who have taken days off in waiting for the new age may need the normal freeze time to get all players on the same page BEFORE age actually begins.

Roxtin 08-Nov-2008 10:43

With the move, delays and setback are almost expected ... so I wasn't really surprised when the message popped up on UT's homepage. But, I'll be alright with the delays if it means that OMAC gets the start of this age running smoothly and without too many bugs.

As for the actual freeze time, I'd like to have my normal 3 day period to get my prov up and running ... starting the age off on schedule isn't important, but having a good freeze time is critical.

IGee88 08-Nov-2008 13:28

Our Kd had people waiting for midnight start time to get going. We are ready. weekend start easier too.

Gravity 08-Nov-2008 14:04

OMAC needs to make sure that everything works properly first.. Don't rush into things!! Keep freeze time normal...

GetLucky 08-Nov-2008 14:31

The poll did not offer *my answer: Like, *yesterday, Dude!

pa414500 08-Nov-2008 14:35

If I was paying to play then I might argue one way or another but since it's free I can't really complain.

xxyyzz 08-Nov-2008 15:20

wow.. the results are very close.. LOL

Lucan 08-Nov-2008 15:56

Off topic, but whatever. Has anyone else tried to create a new account? I tried starting a couple days ago and have been unsuccessful everytime. I used to get the Server Full message, now I'm just getting an error (that I assume is associated witht he DNS problems they talk about). I couldnt find any announcements on new accounts, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks.

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