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Pollster 31-Oct-2004 19:04

Would you still play utopia if there is no Utopia Angel?
Well, read the topic and vote.

htn02 31-Oct-2004 19:09

if there still is the all in one and the attack calculator... yes ofcourse!

Tack 31-Oct-2004 20:55

I'd keep playing, heck it'd make it more fun having to figure out your own attacks. That is if everyone had to, if I was the only one calculating my own attacks and everyone else still had angel it'd suck.

BangGang IHJ 31-Oct-2004 21:00

i remember when there was no angel.... ah.. yes... those days rocked.

so i wouldnt care.

of course i'm not playing anymore... but still

nargothrond 31-Oct-2004 21:02

i'm one of those fools who would actually like that angel would be lost at all(and all those other formatters too)...game would be a lot more fun then :D

through it would make things really hard for the nubs and it wouldn't be good to the game at all(more difficult to share intel in the kd for example on so on...)

Valek 31-Oct-2004 22:34

Hell no, I will barely play it with Angel anymore. It's just something someone like me would depend on to do anything right. And well...Utopia would take up more time then, so that's why BG spends his precious time to make Angel. <3 BG.

SilvreWolf 31-Oct-2004 22:42

lol....well I never used angel before when I first started playing....and yea it was around...

lol I'd probably would still play..and just wing it like I used to haha.

jond 01-Nov-2004 00:57

like nargothrond said it would be bad for the game if it did disappear, but only bad for the number of players.
The competition would become more heated 'cos only the decent players would remain, or at least the players who are willing to put that much effort into the game.

People would just start using spreadsheets though. I cant install stuff on the work computer so I dont use angel there anyway. I use my own spreadsheet which works just about as well. Only thing I'd really miss if angel wasnt around is export lines. But I'd still most definately play!

Lonely Tylenol 01-Nov-2004 00:59

Went for an age and a half without even knowing how to use the thing. :b I'm sure I could live without it, although it really makes finding T/M targets much easier.

Araqiel 01-Nov-2004 01:02



Would you still speak to anyone if you had no mobile phone? :rolleyes:

PandaLord 01-Nov-2004 03:40

Prolly not. Im too lazy to calculate by myself. However, it would be more realistic and all though. In the past they had no 'calculators' that could gurrantee an accurate good attack when used carefully.

Darkest Sin 01-Nov-2004 03:43

I would still play, how much I don't know. I probably wouldn't play to the extent I do now. But I would still play. I would just have to go back to the days of calculating it all myself. Which I do that when I'm away from a computer to work out some strats anyways :nerd

Money Mathews 01-Nov-2004 04:01

i didn't know there was an angel for utopia

the program i rarely use... i only use it for my KD... i have no need for it myself as its so far off anyways i can do rough calcs in my head... and by oversending 2-3% as an attacker i end up succeeding more often...

Lucan 01-Nov-2004 04:05

of course i would keep playin, i dont even use it now

DSwords 01-Nov-2004 04:06

Would still be playing. As long as I have the attack calculator on the throne and cbs it isn't all that hard.

L Rice 01-Nov-2004 04:30

i played most of my utopia without angel.. only started using it 3-4 ages ago..

Zequovixway 01-Nov-2004 07:56

it really wouldn't change much for me... I remember when their was no angel... I use angel because it formates the information so that other peoplr can read and use it...

I can do most of my calculations just as fat with out angel... given I might forget some thing now and than, but I take more risks than I would using angel... I guess that could explain why I bounce one every once in a while, but in war I always use angel and over perdict so that I don't fail...:)

L0rd Snow 01-Nov-2004 08:02

wouldn't change a thing fo rme as I can't use it as is anyways. (mac) It would however, mean that 90% of my kd would probably be clueless on how to attack :-P

Saint Sinner 01-Nov-2004 08:12

Played for about 4 ages without it .. think I can handle going back

ZeroSlayer 01-Nov-2004 19:50

i only use it to check my sci page and my kd page and sometimes i copy my prov page(for real :D )

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