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Brother Green 30-Oct-2003 20:35

Overview: What is the Forum Agent?
The Forum Agent is a module of Utopia Angel, for automatically posting intel (CB, SoM, Survey and SoS) into external message boards. The Forum Agent supports many message boards which are available on the Internet, such as phpBB, vBulletin, Invision Board, ezboard, and so on.

Many kingdoms use external boards for better organization during war and peace times. The Forum Agent improves their interaction by posting intel transparently in the background, without user intervention.

A board administrator can customize the behavior of all Forum Agent clients using his board, by posing simple instructions in a predefined thread. These instructions may be used for telling the clients to create a new thread for each province instead of throwing all the intel in one thread, to split different kingdoms into separate forums, and so on.

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