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Gotterdammerung 30-Dec-2011 02:52

For those who are currently playing, how does Star Wars: The Old Replublic compare to World of Warcraft?

I'm not sure if a Sith Sorcerer would melt faces better than my Shadow Priest.

Invictus2001 30-Dec-2011 16:32

ive only beta tested. Its ok but WoW is dead.

Gotterdammerung 01-Jan-2012 01:05

Why is WoW dead?

Do you think SWTOR will be a better game?

WreakingHavoc 02-Mar-2012 17:53

WoW is the best game.
Take a look, SWTOR is just 3 monts and they want server merge, this has never happened to any MMO out there, just 3 months.

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