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TheRealDuke 30-Dec-2003 04:06

It's been a long time old friends
It's been a long time old friends,

I haven't seen this familiar screen since legends never die a few ages ago. Those were some fun times but the best of times were even earlier. I've been away for a while, since then I've been married and I'm glad to announce the birth of my 2-month-old son name Lance Peyton. I wish I had the aid of a respitory therapist named Koal DB ;)

It's sad the way the game has evolved. I wish I could say it wasn't partly my fault and that of my friends but like I said those were fun times. It seems that as if though there is an alliance for everything now days in the game.
All small no cohision, no heart, w/out passion. Everyone seems to forget this is a game of conquest. Whatever happened to the land when you would fairly grab land off somebody w/no alliance or malicious intent and if need they grab you back w/out the aid of friends or alliances. Everybody seems to forget this is Utopia, if they prefer something a little more mellow might I suggest Hungry Hungry Hippo? Some of the greatest friends I have made in this game are those that I have waged war against and who have waged war against me. When anybody is hit fairly they have been beaten by the better man of the hour. Whatever happened to the days when there was no animosity between attackers except for between two heated enemies. I remember my old dear friend malice. Somebody I met through attacking him and his kingdom. He said he admired my style later on. I admired everything about him he turned out to be a fantastic friend. We went on to found and lead EoS together later. Kadagar is still a punk (just kidding love ya bro). To all my old friends, you know who you are; in the game I miss you a lot. I'm sure you remember all the things we did together and I'm positive that it would be best not to write about most of them. LOL I see the game still has some of it's losers Congratulations to methos for gathering more then two kingdoms for his little "alliance". Maybe someday he can get the sand out of his vagina as well. (I never was a big AA fan)
I thought about perhaps playing again but it seems as if there are no more glorious battles to go after the game has lost it's luster I hope I'm wrong though. I wanted to see if any of my old friends were still playing and if you beta age players are still out there. Wouldn't mind getting in touch with the old crew. I haven't bothered downloading icq yet but I will it will be the same old number 24024648. If the old crew is around post your icq and I'll write it down when I get icq up and running. For any of those who don't believe it is really me I'll be glad to answer any questions that only I would know.

The Angel of Angmar

D o m i 30-Dec-2003 04:09

Well, welcome back, and I believe that 'crew' is around, in the Lunatic Asylum.

EDIT: Btw, Congratulations on your son.

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