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Chaos51 27-Dec-2001 20:36

Utopia Simulator
Im trying out a new strat with the avians but when i got to 800 acres and wanted to up my draftrate from 56% to 60% it didnt go up but it went down, it automatically turned my harpies and drakes etc back in to soldiers and my draftrate went down :(
Whats up with that!? :mad

Brother Green 27-Dec-2001 20:41

Re: Utopia Simulator
Maybe it loaded a cached page for some reason?

dova 27-Dec-2001 22:47

THat happened to me
ive tryed 2 different accounts human and elfs get to aroung age 4-5
and all swords men ETC when back into soldiers?
i thought i woyld happen but it dont in real game

Chaos51 30-Dec-2001 18:32

Its still not working correctly, it doesnt matter when i up my draft to 60% it just wont go up, but down its really disturbing cause i can test my strat this way :supermad

badrook 05-Jan-2002 00:58

Your military is starving man!

chances 24-Apr-2002 06:36

utopia sim bug
i was playing undead, and i had like 12% guilds, but they didn't train any wizards. even tried altering the guild %, but still no wizzies :(

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