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xX DonJuan Xx 14-Dec-2013 09:41

Have you thought about returning?
Almost everyone who created an account here has probably played Utopia.

Mostly everyone who has created an account here probably don't play anymore.


Since the new Developers Sean & Brian bought the game, fixed the game and modernized it to incorporate Facebook access...

have you considered coming back to Utopia?

Valek 15-Dec-2013 03:47

Tried, failed.

xX DonJuan Xx 15-Dec-2013 08:00

at least you tried!

thats all that we ask :D

SGO 15-Dec-2013 16:13

How many people play Utopia these days?

Swifty 15-Dec-2013 16:29

hi DJ :)

came back briefly for about a week 6 or so months ago. couldn't get into it, so promptly quit again

xX DonJuan Xx 16-Dec-2013 08:37

HAI SWIFTEH good to see you! I hope time as done you well! Im also glad you tried to play...you were more of a people player and thats probably hard to come by these days.

SGO probably realistically 6000 players but hey tbh yes it is competing with a far more advance landscape of games like candy crush and other crap like that...

however that being said...its still the same numbers and politics game that it was. Possibly much more on a micro-management level where good people excel...so if you were a math guy who loved to bash people with numbers you can find great play here.

You can also easily get picked up by several upper teir kingdoms if you loved that 10-12hr log in and hit deal...

The main actions with Utopia now is on a Kingdom Level...exactly how it was meant to play. After the rise and fall of Alliances...only real kingdoms left was ABS KDs who continued to top charts until this last year where ABS has finally cracked after series of bad ages, lack of confidence, and stronger oppositions.

But even this new "alliance" that toppled ABS seems weak since they are really just out for themselves

QuantumChaos 31-Jan-2014 20:49

About once a year or so I'll make a province and play for a day or two, and then realize I'd rather go back to SC or Halo. And then I do that.

Lord Menchalior 19-Mar-2014 01:47

I actually started my nostalgy trip and made new province, came checking how things are in here.

Saint Sinner 31-Mar-2014 22:08

I stopped playing Utopia long before this place went quiet

doubt I will ever go back

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