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fred79 24-Jan-2002 04:27

9% schools or 9% libraries
what's better to start the game with?
i think that if i build the libraries i don't have spend money on science points!

ESP 24-Jan-2002 06:49

The best way to go, is to have a small amount of libraries to begin with..... Then, maybe later, you might want to have a large amount of schools..... But they would be useless at the start of an age.

Mynath 24-Jan-2002 16:02

yes, schools suck until you get maxed out sciens. Before that, go universities, and in the beginnng - go libraries.

Vonkwink 30-Jan-2002 23:49

Oh. In the beginning? Overall I'd rather have schools (which is what I voted for) but in the beginning libraries are better

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