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Dizzy Blizzy 28-Aug-2001 15:59

Where is the best sex?
To elaborate on what criminal started...

Pimpin 4 Acres 29-Aug-2001 00:27

Re: Where is the best sex?

Its best at home. I dont understand these people that need constant excitment in sex. Or people who get involved in all the freaky fetish crap. When did sex get boring?
I've been loving it (no pun intended) since 19-diggity-5.

PsychoGimpy 29-Aug-2001 03:25

Re: Where is the best sex?

I don't know what you're talking about, outdoor is such a rush that u might get caught. that makes it so much better.

Dizzy Blizzy 29-Aug-2001 17:56

Re: Where is the best sex?

To each there own. It's just different for different people. I've done all five and outdorrs is my personal favorite.

freak007 30-Aug-2001 01:10

Re: Where is the best sex?

outdoors....OHHH YES!!!!!!

Pimpin 4 Acres 30-Aug-2001 02:29

Re: Where is the best sex?

i've tried it everywhere imaginable

(I joined the Mile high club last fall)

outdoors is nice. But i'm kinda biased cuz when i did it we were attacked by bugs. It kinda ruined the mood to have a bee sting me in the ass. I had a mark there for like 2 weeks. Protect your ass from bees people. It saves lives!

I will try outdoor again. My GF isnt huge on it, but i can convince her if i cook her a good dinner.

Dizzy Blizzy 30-Aug-2001 19:08

Re: Where is the best sex?

That's usually all it takes. I can cook before leaving for work at get some at lunch.

Pimpin 4 Acres 31-Aug-2001 01:48

Re: Where is the best sex?

heheh see kids, this is a man who knows the secret of ladies. Its all about cooking. If you take a chick out on a date, bring her to your house and make a 5 star meal. i can guarantee you will get some. Just a little tip for the younger men out there who need some pointers.

palmerdrury 07-Sep-2001 14:17

Re: Where is the best sex?

On the roof... Watch out if it is sloping

Arcanium 01-Nov-2001 10:53

Re: Where is the best sex?

Anywhere I am.

Gwydion 08-Nov-2001 21:34

Re: Where is the best sex?

Well as yet i woodnt know but im a risk taker so defiantely in someone elses car..... :P

Rusty 18-Nov-2001 07:01

On a dhingy!
on a little dinghy of course! so all the boats passing by can see!

ForsakenHope 18-Nov-2001 13:14

on a boat / curise out on the ocean during sunset with a splendidly cooked meal by him :)

NeoDude 19-Nov-2001 10:03

my warm bed :D

DarkSkies X 23-Nov-2001 13:36

I would just say anywhere with the right person :)

Now I just need to find her.. *sigh*

Felicity007 24-Nov-2001 11:27

as long as it's not in the car, on the bonnet or anything to do with cars......it's just tragic....nearly broke my tail bone once.... :mad

DarkSkies X 24-Nov-2001 11:32

Back of the car lol..

Reminds me of last year. 2 friends and I walked vby a car, and the windows were sort of fogged up, looked in (I dont mean like going right up to the windoes, but out of the corner of my eye) turned out they were having sex :)

And this was right outside school grounds, where teachers usually patrol.. damn it was funny :)

Felicity007 24-Nov-2001 11:34

it's really freaky to have sex right in the middle of a residential area where anyone could just come out anytime.....lol but it was good......till i fell ofcourse.... :\ and there were cats watching us.....

Russian Sputnik 24-Nov-2001 18:21

With the right person? Everywhere when you feel like (;

Mat S 19-Jan-2002 22:07

palmerdury?on the roof :eek ?and wat if it is sloping :D

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