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nimrod 07-Sep-2002 19:46

Your Pictures!
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(inspired by aerath...)

post your pictures here
and let us give you compliments

all flames and insults will (IMO and I HOPE be deleted or banned or something)

Mind Control 07-Sep-2002 19:50

U look like a cool kid nimrod,i dont have a pic but i will tell u all wat i look like:

Faded brown hair with Blonde highlights
Brown eyes
I guess u could say im built,I can lift 250
145 Lbs.

nimrod 07-Sep-2002 20:01

3 times downloaded wheeeeepeeeeeee =)
but only one response =(

comon ppl POST!!!!!!!!!

SM Tengu 07-Sep-2002 20:55

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Nim, are you already getting gray hair? =)

I will probably have a lot of gray hair in 3 years time... both my mother and my grandfather got it around 25 and they have the same kind of hair as me. I think it might look kewl =)

*adds one of the best pictures of me* The one where I've got the most beautiful girl in the world by my side.

nimrod 07-Sep-2002 21:02

lol grey hair

but ut does look like it in the pic cause of the sunlight...

tengu you look like this GI-joe or some action figure lol
not kidding but you look really good in that blue dress =)

AznBlade 07-Sep-2002 21:03

Tengu, are you in some kind of military school or something? And, whos the girl??

I would post my pic, but my scanner broke...

SM Tengu 07-Sep-2002 21:05

I'm outta the military. It's from the cadetball that we had in the end of the service.

The girl's my true love. She's only a friend *sigh*

AznBlade 07-Sep-2002 21:09

What branch did you serve in and as what?? I sadly had to go too military school >_<. I got out as a squad sergeant.

Yea... it's really hard to have a girl you know you love as only a friend. I've liked this one girl for 4 years, but only got as far as starting a food fight and eventually becoming friends :\

SM Tengu 07-Sep-2002 21:18

*lol* food fight ;P

System Engineer for the Telecommunication System of the Swedish Army. And 2ic for a squad. I got out with a rank of 2nd lieutenant.

Notice the medals on the chest? I was the one good for the most medals =)

Anyways, let's not steer the topic away from the purpose, I think we've covered my pic enough now.

Aerath 07-Sep-2002 22:23

Nimrod - why mind about comments ?
As long as they don't develop into flames, it should be okay (after all, that's what was happening in the boob thread as well ;))


Warning : Includes links to pictures of me ;]


nimrod 07-Sep-2002 22:29

I meant abusive stuff (really abusive stuff)

lol aerath is OLD


kidding dude hehe

I suggest not looking at the 3rd one you look like a serial killer... lol

CouRtyGaL 07-Sep-2002 23:26

Aerath is my cutie")

SM Tengu 08-Sep-2002 00:29

Aerath, I really like the colour-screwed picture =) it's looks classy =)

That ain't a real tattoo, is it? Looks like it was only drawn on by a pencil or something... =)

Aerath 08-Sep-2002 00:58

It -is- a real tattoo (check out the What have you done to your body poll ;)), just needs patching up.

The bastards charge 80 euro to patch the thing up when it cost $50 to get it in the first place...

*boogies at being Courty's cutey* (;

SM Tengu 08-Sep-2002 01:03

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Well, I guess I have to post my own tattoo now. I made the design myself.

SM Tengu 08-Sep-2002 01:11

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And the first one I made. A symbol for my two phobias... Small bug-phobia and needle-phobia.

dismal 08-Sep-2002 01:31

i know i shouldn't ask, but is that an ant on your ass?.....i'm sorry....thats just creepy!!! (to me...at least) anyway....i guess since i'm posting in here , i may as well give description....(since no picture of me on the computer)
about 6' (no idea about cm, its somewhere in a thread..because there was a conversion chart there or something)
approximately 135 lbs (again, no idea on kilos)
capable of lifting weights more than that of me....
blonde...(i dunno if it'd be a dirty blonde or not though, but the more i'm out in the sun, the more blonde it gets)
everyone likes boobie size and waist size so i'll guess i'm an a cup or less...(LOL...thats a joke...cause i go to the boobie thread ...alot..and forget it...)
anyway....i dunno....basically i'm your typical skinny white dude??...but maybe not quite typical....
but some consider me a freak i guess?
not much else really aobut me i s'pose...
anywho, goodnight ya'll

SM Tengu 08-Sep-2002 01:41

*lol* No! =D

It's down on the ankle (inside of the left left just over the foot).

dismal 08-Sep-2002 01:44

oh right...LOL....sorry, i jumped to conclusions...(*instantly remembers that infamous scenece from office space*) ....LOL....so can someone explain to me, why *modern man* gets tattooes?...i mean, ....i guess some are cool and all, but i still don't understand the point or why....*sorry if thats offtopic but...i just don't get it....*

SM Tengu 08-Sep-2002 01:54

Some because they think it looks good, personally I do it for the symbolic of it.

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