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Diana 20-Sep-2009 01:53

Stables or Training Grounds?
I am considering my buildings... Training grounds or stables? I believe TG's are a percentage building. Rely on building efficiency to increase offense. Stables are a flat rate building, providing X number of ponies per acres. What % of both? Need to go look that up I think but I doubt I will get it figured out.

I am not gifted in variable equations so I will just post the question same as I did in my kingdom forums. I am in WOL, any imput would be helpful, thanx.

EuDoXuS 21-Sep-2009 23:09

Re: Stables or Training Grounds?
I like to run around 8-10% stables depending on race/pers and i run 10-18% TG's depending on the same thing. Both are better than one over the other.

Acadian9 22-Sep-2009 00:43

Stables are a must for an attacker. The added offence can mean the difference between a successful attack and a failed one.

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