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Brother Green 28-Jun-2007 04:46

Utopia Angel v1.84 Alpha 1
What's new & fixed since version 1.83 Beta 2:

- Updated for the Age of Bravery (Age #36)! (link)
- MilCalc: Swapped Aggression casting ability between Elf and Avian [Genesis]
- Power Tools: Fixed Human military expenses [Genesis]
- Export Line versions updated: CB v35, SoM v11.

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Release Announcement:

This is the first version compatible with the Age of Bravery. Due to the overhaul race changes, the update wasn't trivial. Please report any bugs and problems so we could fix them.

Thanks to the friendly guys at #strategy for Alpha-testing! (bugs found by Qvist and TimberWolf).

Export Lines:

The Crystal-Ball Export Line version has been updated to 34. The Spy on Military Export Line version has been updated to 11.

You will be able to read older Export Lines with this version of Angel, however older versions of Angel will not be able to read Export Lines generated by this version of Angel and up.

Practical & Networth Values:

Thanks to your recommendations, the following Practical Elite-sending values have been implemented, represented by the first number. The second number represents the Networth value for the race's Elite unit. The networth value is only an estimation at this stage, and we will appreciate if you keep us updated when the real values are discovered.

Human: 100%, 5.5gc
Elf: 75%, 5.75gc
Dwarf: 50%, 7gc
Orc: 100%, 6gc
Gnome: 50%, 5.25gc
Dark Elf: 0%, 6.5gc

Brother Green 28-Jun-2007 06:30

Utopia Angel v1.84 Alpha 2
What's new & fixed since version 1.84 Alpha 1:

- SoM was not formatted for Dark Elves [WoL] (cmersman)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Brother Green 12-Jul-2007 17:54

Utopia Angel v1.84 Alpha 3
What's new & fixed since version 1.84 Alpha 2:

- Fixed inability to read Export Lines of Faery, Halfling, Avian, Undead [Genesis] (link)
- Updated Human and Orc Elite Networth values [WoL] (link)
- BuildCalc: Updated Dungeon effects (link)
- MilCalc: Added Freak personality indicator (link)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Release Announcement:

IMPORTANT: The Military Calculator fields will be reset when upgrading to this version.

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