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helpme 04-Jun-2003 03:05

in to battle
wouldnt it be good if the ruler which is you had the option of going into battle and giving and extra 10-20% attacker power but the catch is that you couldnt access your account for however long your attack is because simply put you are not there maybe lower the % but what do u think

balin79 04-Jun-2003 04:23

i dont get it

Snow Demon X35A 04-Jun-2003 04:28


(Originally posted by balin79)

i dont get it
it's a lame idea but i'll give an example what he means.

You pick the option, "in to battle" for your attack

During this time, your military gets +10% strength or so and will last for the duration of your attack.

However, you can't log in during this time.

a pretty lame idea i would say :\ a really, really LAME idea

helpme 04-Jun-2003 06:00

well higher percentage maybe close to 50 and ppl would agree but that would be to powerful

ManNhEiM 04-Jun-2003 06:25


Toblerone 04-Jun-2003 14:18

If you're an attacker you don't usually log in during that time anyway.

haryfeet 05-Jun-2003 01:54

lame, you need to make it more interesting

Faery Wackers 05-Jun-2003 10:35

no i think it's interesting. good for the servers too.

Invasion 05-Jun-2003 10:37

Yea, maybe the next day u are gone coz u cant login...

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