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marli 06-Nov-2008 00:00

Why did you leave
answer the question first to stop being biased
rhen read this thread.
I have a belief, but i want some fact to back it.

advocatus 06-Nov-2008 00:13

I just started to find the game boring. Same old changes each age. Now that the game has changed so much: less races, OMAC, etc. Its to different, it is difficult to get back into it.

pudge 06-Nov-2008 01:15

When I left the game I still liked it, but it was too time consuming for me at that time. I still think about playing even though it's been a couple years.

Greeney 06-Nov-2008 01:47

I got tired of Mehul and Blake being dicks about cheating and I got tired of having to wake up at 4am not to reach the goals we set because of those two.

BrandonC 06-Nov-2008 02:23

I was with the same kd for about 10 ages, and then a couple of jerks joined up and took over. The next age, they traded 2 friends in, and I started questioning their decisions openly. Near the end of age (too late to find a new kd and stay with it), the traded another friend in and then the five of them GBed me until there weren't no me left.

After that I couldn't be bothered, since they had soured me on the social part of the game, which was one of the reasons for sticking around, IMO.

Brightbane 06-Nov-2008 02:28

It couldn't hold my attention. I've never met a game that could keep me mentally engaged enough for me to play it for more than a few months.

Maceman 06-Nov-2008 02:28

It felt too restraining, back playing again tho.

If you go away in the weekends, or for a midweek there is not always a computer around. Hard to make your logins etc. If you want to play full, you have to get acces to a computer at almost any time of the day. It's just not suitable for anything that requires a long period of time.

It's just hard to combine with life at times.

StarOwl 06-Nov-2008 03:35

Others have mentioned what is essentially my reason. It was just too much of a time commitment. I mean, with being in marching band, I'd have to miss quite a few weekends worth of stuff and I hated coming back and see "Oh my goodness, we're in a war. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" and also seeing my province completely destroyed. Other things just took more priority. I enjoy things like fantasy football where I can log in once a week to fix things if I really want to. If I didn't, heck... I might still win anyway. Even if I want to take a day off from mafia here, I often can get away with it, even more likely if I'm only in nights too.

The rule changes didn't help either... ruining my strategy I'd run for a bunch of ages. Ah well.

Spectre19 06-Nov-2008 03:56

Yeah same as a lot of people... too time-consuming, and in the end boring. I mean it is a good game, but you can only have so much of the same old game before you get sick of it.

Rocklee 08-Nov-2008 07:38

I left for utopia between July 2008- end of September 2008. I had extreme family problem that it has caused me to left. My sister has massive stroke in July and I bring my strength back to regain back. It amazing me sometimes.

WonderBoy9 08-Nov-2008 18:03

eventually it was more like work, less like a game

EvilDH 08-Nov-2008 22:56

I was having my best round ever, on track to breaking the 5m nw mark, which I had never done. Hell I had only ever just broken the 1m mark, I was in the top 100 provinces in the world for all races...everything was awesome until I started getting waved from Absolom for absolutely no reason. I was SO pissed off, and I have never gone back since. I might do it again, but only if there is some way of preventing large clans from forming like that.

Royal Assassin3 09-Nov-2008 00:51

I just got bored.

But that's not to say it ain't a great game. All things get boring if you play them long enough, and I've spent more hours playing Utopia than probably most of the games I've paid to have on my shelf.

And I've sunk more hours into this forum than in any game I have.

RoWizzies 09-Nov-2008 01:19

I've played Utopia for 7 years with maximum 1-2 months break until 6 months ago.

First time I left because almost everyone I knew/met in RL quit + I got bored ( Got to marquis during one of the ages ).
Then I was traded into a very nice kingdom ( that's when I met Greeney I believe ) but I got kicked out when an old monarch returned.
Then I got traded into another SKD and left after a couple of ages because I joined Uni and had no internet access for a couple of weeks ( I reached my personal bests land/nw with this kd ).
Another SKD followed which I left because of some sort of mutiny against the monarch.
Got traded into another that I was kicked out because of not playing 24/7. Sleeping was not an option for that monarch :rolleyes:
Finally I played in a very nice kingdom. The monarch had to leave but we kept on doing pretty well until I had to leave when it started to get boring again+phone calls to get up and attack even at 4-5AM+messages to login even if I was somewhere in the mountains.

So I'd say other :)

jimbo51 09-Nov-2008 21:17

Well, I have many reasons, the cheaters, getting hit without someone doing a CB or SoM first(How do they know what to send?), PK for no reason, bottomfeeders, Monarchs that don't have a clue, and now!!!! OMAC doesn't seem to understand how to run the game. I can't even log on to get started. The game is just going the way of ghettos and sick people. I can find better things to do because this one won't fly this age.......

Mori600 10-Nov-2008 01:35

I stopped playing in July because of internal conflicts. I've been in 2 kingdoms that is very prone to civil war. Sometimes, we would lose a war to another kingdom and some bastard would take the opportunity to try to make himself king. First, there would be a month or two of forum arguments and if things got bad enough which was usually the case, there was mass defection and if things got really bad, the king would order the destruction of the rebelling provinces or the opposite but it usually ended with the former king defecting if he loses. I started playing recently but I found it hard to adjust to the new rules but I have started reading A Song of Ice and Fire series and I found it to be pretty similar to Utopia so I'll create another account soon.

DeadMenWalking 10-Nov-2008 07:02

Got bored and had a life.

Valek 10-Nov-2008 09:05

I'm with DMW on that one, life came a callin.

Vinylfool 10-Nov-2008 11:37

Games a bore and there r too many psychos

Karupt 13-Nov-2008 17:50

bored.... too much math concepts to be any competitive didnt help either. btw mehul, or w/e his name was still around?

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