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Blood Raven 17-Dec-2002 15:49

1.39 alpha 2: sci calc going mad
well, i think this is a new issue.

when i copy the sci page, the sci calc pop's up, correction the error message pops up BEFORE the sci calc. pops up.

the error report coming up i already included in this post.

the sci calc. goes mad after that, making the happiness blank, the race blank, and giving max sci without any sci points...

here is the raw data:

The Arts & Sciences
Knowledge You Know Effect In Progress Learn
Alchemy 10,615 +12.2% Income 6172
Tools 22,897 -35.1% Building Time 0
Housing 33,427 +12.9% Population Limits 0
Food 15,055 +31.8% Food Production 0
War 25,159 +6.4% Offensive Military Strength 0
Crime 12,946 +26.4% Thievery Effectiveness 0
Channeling 22,474 +38.7% Magic Effectiveness & Rune Production 0

oh, when i disable angel at first and then set it on, it'll get the sci good, even though the error pops up...

Blood Raven 17-Dec-2002 15:58

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found out that disabling angel has a positive influence, when you do that, and enable it, the formatting goes okay, even though the error still pops-up...

forgot to attach the error message (using paint, w/o the option to save as JPG, really frustrating...)

Brother Green 17-Dec-2002 16:53

Re: 1.39 alpha 2: sci calc going mad
The attachment didn't work for me. Can you use another format?

Blood Raven 22-Jan-2003 14:10

finally i have been able to retrieve the same problem again.

science calculator is requested to format the following sci page

The Arts & Sciences
Knowledge You Know Effect In Progress Learn
Alchemy 1892 +12.6% Income 1124
Tools 0 -0.0% Building Time 0
Housing 0 +0.0% Population Limits 0
Food 773 +11.7% Food Production 0
War 0 +0.0% Offensive Military Strength 0
Crime 0 +0.0% Thievery Effectiveness 0
Channeling 4593 +43.0% Magic Effectiveness & Rune Production 15

with the following CB
The Province of Burning2BUrNightmare (10:10) as of January 8th, YR1.
Race Faery Ruler Sir Blood Raven the Sorcerer
Trade Balance 502 Acres
98,016 bushels
3991 runes
1408gc Soldiers
War Horses
Prisoners 2507
548 (12%)
345 (41%)
Bonuses Earned 0 of 4 Service Level Bronze

but the sci calculator gives the attached access violation, and the race is blank, all the boxes are empty, and the sci in the fields you have invested are maxxed out.

Blood Raven 22-Jan-2003 14:29

1 Attachment(s)
okay, a bit strange, but i hope this .doc file finally makes me capable of displaying a image.

wolfraider23 26-Jan-2003 04:59

i got the same thing goin' on.. also: once u get into the science stuff, and hit the X on the ad banner, the science thing stays up (but changes everything to 0) and the ad goes away.. hope this helps :nerd

Brother Green 15-Feb-2003 22:00

Re: 1.39 alpha 2: sci calc going mad
Does it still happen?

SM Tengu 24-Feb-2003 09:08

I have the same problem myself. The error pops up when I change Happiness.

When the sci-calc pops up it doesn't contain any of my province information either. I can add it manually afterwards, and the happiness works even though I get an access error when changing it.

Brother Green 25-Feb-2003 18:58

Let's see if I managed to fix it in the next release.

Blood Raven 06-Mar-2003 15:59

I found the source of the problem!!
1 Attachment(s)

*starts jumping around in joy*

i found it i found it!!

okay, enough with the crap.

it's a access violation which is causing problems now, making the sci calc go mad again...

it also makes you capable of running 25 different versions of the sci calc...

Blood Raven 06-Mar-2003 16:18

ooops, forgot the specifics

Win 95 connected to win 2K server
IE 5.00
angel 1.41 beta
working terribly slow right now...

i should be installing opera on all these machines and eliminate iframes and applets instantly...

Brother Green 06-Mar-2003 20:58

Re: I found the source of the problem!!
Can you post the unformatted page that caused it?

Blood Raven 10-Mar-2003 20:22

same specifics as before, same problem...this is the unformatted one.

checked in on 3 different computers with different d/l-s on school, they all got the same problems...

The Arts & Sciences
Knowledge You Know Effect In Progress Learn
Alchemy 16,161 +20.8% Income 0
Tools 15,150 -33.9% Building Time 0
Housing 14,582 +9.7% Population Limits 0
Food 15,632 +40.7% Food Production 0
War 0 +0.0% Offensive Military Strength 0
Crime 14,340 +35.7% Thievery Effectiveness 12,411
Channeling 22,262 +46.2% Magic Effectiveness & Rune Production 0

Brother Green 22-Mar-2003 05:52

Does anyone else get this error with v1.41 Beta? If so, please describe your computer specifics.

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