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Anima 23-Mar-2005 19:49

sci pump tip needed!
im a dwarf merchnt on WoL and im gona just pump my pop sci, building investment sci and income sci. Im going for banks and the building which lowers costs of buying sci, in what order do u think i should pump the sci, which order would make my pump quicker?

cd3po 23-Mar-2005 19:58

I'd say the order you posted.
More peasants=more jobs filled
more jobs filled=higher BE
then the bonus BE,
And then income (I assume you don't have a problem with it atm if you are buying sci)

GerryX 23-Mar-2005 20:42

Little late to be pumping scis but yeah BE, Income then whatever your priority is.

brhend 23-Mar-2005 23:13

Tools. you're a dwarf. you can achieve 140+% BE.

EternalWanderer 24-Mar-2005 01:11

get 90opa and 30dpa, u'll be fully pumped in less than a week.

kmrnclrk 24-Mar-2005 03:24

haha it took me a while to get that EternalWanderer...your a funny one...haha

Entrael 24-Mar-2005 11:16

Anima if i were you i would definately pump Tools first, it helps increase your Building Eff. And the more effective your buildings are will vastly improve your province. I'd do housing and alchemy next. Then continue pumping with the sci from the libs

Britannarium 27-Mar-2005 00:23

if you are doing a proper pump, it wont make a HUGE difference what your order is, but most above suggestions seem good. If you do it properly (at least 60% banks, 20% schools) then you should be able to do 2 things in a day

Halowe 28-Mar-2005 23:44

I'd say that Tools and Alchemy should be towards the end of the list. As a Dwarf Merchant you should have +35% income, if your banks are above 15% you're getting +50% already. With the Dwarf BE bonus at 20%, I'd say you're better off increasing BE with Population science than Tools. I would have pumped Military and possibly Food first.

Having said that, I also realize you weren't pumping the sciences I mentioned, and it's almost time for the reset. However, I find it helps my abilities as a player to reply in such threads, answering questions I might not have been able to answer if I weren't reading them in this manner.

I like typing too, lots, and lots, of typing. :P

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