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camelrocker2525 24-Dec-2002 08:31

um huh?
ok. I put in the kingdom and all went well and I got some points so I could search. then when I hit the search button I got banned. so I am a little confused.

Brother Green 24-Dec-2002 11:31

Re: um huh?
I have unbanned you.

LWT 21-Jan-2003 15:45

I'm using the target finder and I got up to 40 credits in total. Is that why I was banned? Or is it that I've summitted the wrong thing twice? Please check it out! Thanks and Sorry!

Jikol 21-Jan-2003 16:35

I was Banned.
I was banned when i got same kingdom to insert 2 times in a row. I just did a paste into that again and then i got banned.
Please let me back so i can use the credits from the 14 inserted kingdoms i posted :(

smellythe ONLY 21-Jan-2003 17:17

i was banned created a new account did do al things by the rule and then target finder starts to do strange things.

whenever i copied the page of one kingdom (of course the requested one) i would ask me to paste the same page. when i reloaded the page i had to do an other kingdom. when i posted the requested kingdom i got the same as above. after reloading and entering the new kingdom i found myself banned, what happened? i did do nothing wrong, I made no mistake this time, i made sure of it!!

alekhine 21-Jan-2003 17:19

Maybe you took too long to paste the new kingdom page. :D

smellythe ONLY 21-Jan-2003 17:42

you can read my post below, i was banned for the same reason ....

smellythe ONLY 21-Jan-2003 17:44

nope, all within 20 seconds....

NicKledon 22-Jan-2003 02:44

I was ban for no reason
well, I was posting the kingdom that they wanted and PAF a message said that I was ban, wtf?

I did nothing wrong, I'm 100% sure I gave the good kingdom...

well, plz do something, this age, the target finder is crazy

and I need to be unban fast, I want to be the one with the moer credit ever :b

thx for reading my request

NicKledon 22-Jan-2003 03:41

me too, ban for the same reason :supermad ...look like the t finder have a bug...we shouldn't be ban for that

I hope Brother Green will unban us soon...because I have a lot of credit to do...I want to be number 1 this age :D

Thalius 22-Jan-2003 06:14

I do not think I should be banned, there could only be 2 reasons. I posted my own kingdom as empty, surely you don't expect us to post our own kingdoms. And before I posted it as empty I posted something about not posting my own kingdom. When that didn't take and even reloading the page twice would not get me a new kingdom to look at I posted it as empty.

You stress certain values in UT. If I am banned for not posting my own kingdom then just what is loyalty to you? If you play Utopia and are not loyal to your kingdom who would want you as a member. I suggest you offer an option of noteing that the kingdom asked for is your own kingdom becuase no one with honor would submit their own kingdom. And anyone who submits themselves is too stupid to breath.

The only other thing it could be is I got distracted and may have posted the same kingdom twice but what I posted was the kingdom info for the kingdom it asked for on the screen assuming I had failed to post it before.

Please look into this soon and get back to me here or by email.

Lierias 22-Jan-2003 06:29

WHY? :supermad the heck was i banned? Grrr...
i was just openning the page when i saw that i was banned?
noone was using my computer for 10 hours. why was i banned?

Thalius 22-Jan-2003 07:06

I did back screen and discovered it had asked me for a kingdom, I had submitted it and it came back and asked me for the same kingdom again. I was distracted and assumed I had not done it it already, since it was still in memory I submitted it again.

At the bottom of the page it indicted a number of searchs since December 23rd. On the next request it shows 2 nore searches then in the first one. I tried saving it as an html file and it only saved the banned page so I downloaded Snagit and made bmp files of the screens. I saved those for your viewing and it is clear that after hitting submit nothing changed, including the credits that are there. It did not give credit for the first capture and banned me for the 2nd one. Then you tell me I am trying to sabatoge your database. Harsh words for a software bug in code I did not write.

I know software has bugs but it is a long time since I was penalized so severly for one. Looking at these threads this bug has hit a bunch of other people. Maybe it is an old bug, I don't know. I have not used this tool very many times.

Please unban me and fix the bug.

DarkSkies X 22-Jan-2003 08:30

If this is the case (cause I only have your word, but BG will have the logs so he can see your case when he logs in) I am sure you will be unbanned.

Just for a future reference though, I believe if the TF asks you for the same Kingdom again, use the "Mark as Empty" option..

The whole "It asked for the same Kingdom" thing has been discussed elsewhere, but I believe that is something you can do :) You could probably search the forums and find out for sure though.

DarkSkies X 22-Jan-2003 08:32

You are logged in to your Utopia Temple account?

Shadowkit 22-Jan-2003 08:39




links to other recent threads with the same problem

Thalius 22-Jan-2003 09:38


(Originally posted by DarkSkies X)

If this is the case (cause I only have your word, but BG will have the logs so he can see your case when he logs in) I am sure you will be unbanned.
Thanks DarkSkies, I hope so. I am in charge of the PR effort from HaJ and I am known for honesty, but knowing that only those who know me believe that I made 2 bmp's of the pages in question which I can easily provide to anyone who reviews things though, as you say, the logs will show that what I say is true.

I am not a youngster like many here and my memory is not what it was. It would be a lot better for him to fix the bug then place us in the situation of constant vigilence. At least, that is my opinion.

DarkSkies X 22-Jan-2003 10:05

Well, as I have said, I am pretty sure it has been discussed elsewhere (like way way back :)), so if you have the time, do a search and look it up. It should answer your questions on the bug and any plans to fix it or if it is even possible.

I just recall the fact it has been discussed before.. The answers I dont remember. I would look it up, except I am sick and tired and really am not in the mood for research ;)

Aerath 22-Jan-2003 13:27

Probably the latter =]

I believe last age's top score in collected credits was around the 10k, so your 40 wouldn't get you banned =]

Wok 22-Jan-2003 13:32

Using the target finder is cheating.

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