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Aviad 24-Mar-2002 23:44

Simulator Updated for Age 15
I know it's a little late (understatement of the age) but the simulator has been updated for Age 15 :)

Please post here about any discrepencies between the simulator and the real game.

Among the things fixed:
1. Race bonuses and penalties.
2. Bonus 5 acres per day.
3. Building effects.
4. Networth calculation.
5. Guilds wizard production effect.
6. Prisoners on main screen.
7. Unit offense/defense values.

Things that are not working due to lack of data:
1. Exploration cost formulas (both soldiers and gc).
2. Start of age birth rate formula (it's supposed to start low and increase up to the nominal value after a day or two).
3. Science formula is close to the real game, but still a little off.

Thank you for your patience.

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