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Jereald0013 01-Feb-2003 02:36

Hostile/War Bonus is wrong Military Calculator
I was just getting ready to go to war and was checking my bonuses and when I change relations to hostile or war it jumps 10% instead of 5%. Should be changed in the next version I think. So it is 5% and I don't miss any more attacks Like I did Last War. I am sure this is why people are missing alot of attacks.

ladymaybe 01-Feb-2003 08:57

Re: Hostile/War Bonus is wrong Military Calculator
The actual bonus on version 1.40beta is 5%.
But, if you look at the total bonuses, when you add War relation, it may jump up more than 5%...why?
The answer is: bonuses are multiplied, not added one on another...so, if you have, let's say, military fighting at 104% because of happyness and you are in war..the sum of these bonuses is not 4+5= 9% but 1,04*1,05= 1,092..:)
So, when you have set only happyness the bonus is 4%..but when you add War it becomes 9,2%! As if War had been +5,2% instead of 5%! :)
If you have more bonuses (sending more generals, honour, spells..), the difference is even greter..that's probably why in your case War gives you 10% on the total bonuses :)

asdfasdf 13-Feb-2003 06:02

war/hostile bonus
for some reason, when relations are conflicting, the war bonus shows but if both are at war, only hostile bonus shows.

Brother Green 15-Feb-2003 23:01

Re: Hostile/War Bonus is wrong Military Calculator
I don't find anything wrong with the relation bonuses in Angel. If you do, please provide more specific examples.

Skywise 25-Feb-2003 20:31

no war bonuses in angel
downloaded v1.41 aplpha 2

and my bonuses in military calc from war doesnt change to 10% it is 5% instead. now the war bonuse should be 10% right?
there is nothing else affecting the bonus...it gives 5% war bonus when nothig else is turned on no generals barracks or whatever. I tried downloading again but its the same. land bonuses are also those of a hostile realtion.
and no there are no conflicting realtions everything is reset except for the relation on the attackers side.

so the problem I have is that angel have forgotten that war gives bonuses to land gains and military power.
but the undeads still get their bonuses so it hasnt completely forgotten everything.

is it a bug or is it just I that have a weird angel?

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