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Brother Green 01-Mar-2012 05:11

[>=2.07b2] Military Calculator: Generals bonus not showing
THIS IS NOT A BUG. This post explains what it is, and how to deal with it.

Relevant Versions:

Utopia Angel v2.07 Beta 2 and above.

Problem Description:

In the Military Calculator, changing the number of Generals on the Attacker's Panel is not reflected in the Total Bonuses percentage.


The War Room's instant calculation in Utopia shows that the Generals Bonus is now additive, and no longer multiplicative. It means that the game adds 3% of the raw offense value per each additional General that you send, instead of treating it as a regular multiplicative bonus. Assuming the Javascript-based instant calculation is in line with the internal game engine, we have updated Angel to reflect this change.

How will this change affect your attacks?

If you have a positive Offensive Military Efficiency (OME > 100%), then you will get less modified offensive points after this change, resulting in less failed attacks. If you have a negative OME, then you will get more offensive points than before, resulting in potentially more failed attacks.


This is not a bug. Generals bonus is well reflected in the final (modified) offense points. However, it is no longer treated as a percentage bonus.

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