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AurumVenom 22-Feb-2005 05:09

Scientific question
So i was thinking water spins in a certain direction in this part of the hemisphere. After a rough night, I was layn on the couch watchn the Ceiling spin in the same direction, but a lot faster.

If I went to Austalia and got super smashed, woud the ceiling spin the other way?


lnopia 22-Feb-2005 05:14

My guess is yes.

But what is really fun is, spinning around in circles really fast when your drunk.

Kyleesha 22-Feb-2005 05:20

only if you drink australian alcohol...

Vaters 22-Feb-2005 05:44

never tried it out..... but depends which way uve been spinnin

MeeniMyniMo 22-Feb-2005 06:04

Nah Kyleesha- if you drink australian alcohol, that negates the effect of the spinning ceiling- and you see it spin in the same direction. Therefore you must drink imported alcohol from the northern hemisphere, except american beer, which is toxic, and then you can watch the ceiling spin in the wrong direction.

However, it is a difficult task looking at the ceiling in Australia. You need to pin yourself to the floor so you won't fall off first. Then if you can keep yourself from not throwing up, you may attempt this stunt.

Under supervised and sterile conditions of course. It IS scientific, as you know.

jond 22-Feb-2005 10:20

I dont know.. I dont think I've ever noticed any particular direction of spin per se. More a violent lurching action, which is sometimes followed by pain when I fall off my bed.

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