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Black Oranje 26-Jul-2012 21:49

Life is a theme park ride?
So I was discussing things with a friend of me who is into spiritualism. Stuff like reincarnation and such.

Now I'm really an atheist, but for the sake of a nice convo I can pretend I actually believe all this stuff.

Somewhere in the convo, I came up with my version of what it is:

Life is a theme park ride. In the afterlife, or whatever you'd call it.

When you enter the ride, you are born. When you die, that's the end of the ride. When you look back on your life, you think "there's sooo much stuff I couldve done better... I wanna go again!" Catch is, when you're born, you forget -everything- until you die and exit the ride again. Hell you might just've made the same mistakes -again-.

Doesn't this sound like a nice way to look at things?

Azure Dragon 26-Jul-2012 23:07

Comforting yes. But instead of comforting yourself with warm stories about incarnation, or heaven or such nonsense, why not go out and do the things one would like to do now?

Black Oranje 27-Jul-2012 00:23

Will do! Lend me a few million?

Gotterdammerung 27-Jul-2012 08:42

Warm stories are good. They give us hope.

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