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anangerwithin 13-Nov-2002 17:25

"i'd rather do it with madonna"
This poll is based on the song by the androids called i'd rather do it with madonna. the options are the other singers mentioned in the song.

And basically i want to know who would you rather do it with?

Jasmine X 13-Nov-2002 21:23

well as a female i would chose that by chose, but if i WERE a lesbian (if that counts) i would choose kylie.

HEHE my friends dad thought he was downloading porn, when he saw the name, he even made sure that it wasnt by making him play the song to him

The Binkster 13-Nov-2002 21:40

Kylie I think, Britney and Christina are slugs. Pink's not my type and Madonna far too old.

Valek 13-Nov-2002 22:26

why even ask this, if any of them wanted to do it with me, i wouldnt deny either one of them...lol

am i right?

KingHank 13-Nov-2002 22:38


No option for Gwill.

Charlotte 14-Nov-2002 00:05

If i where LESBIAN i would chose Pink that girl got attitude ...

KingHank 14-Nov-2002 00:12

If I were a lesbian, I'd choose Gwill.

The GP3 14-Nov-2002 00:14

Hehe, If I had to choose, I would choose christina, but I wouldnt hesitate if they asked me too. :b
.... ... . .

Illuvatar 14-Nov-2002 00:22


(Originally posted by KingHank)


No option for Gwill.
i think thats because the androids have obviously no taste.
lets go revive the gwill pote. or make a new one

KingHank 14-Nov-2002 00:31

I take it that The Androids are another one of these rubbish punk bands around at the moment.

Proper punk: band looks like it has robbed a thrift shop, can't play their instruments, go on about Marxism.

Nu Punk Band: band looks like it has robbed Gap, can play their instruments, go on about vomit.

I prefered the old days :(

Gwill 14-Nov-2002 10:55

Britney Spears. Just for the sake of the scandal it would cause and the money I could make selling the story to playboy.
Anything to ruin that bitch's career. *here we should have an evil smiley*

Zcat 14-Nov-2002 11:19

Spears! Video tape it n sell it for millions!
Then my future would be secured!

Sir Lohrtar 14-Nov-2002 17:08

Kirsten Dunst ;p

None of the listed. All sluts or old (madonna)

Angelic Death 14-Nov-2002 18:37

Christina Aguilera.



LQWookie 14-Nov-2002 21:18

Well I picked Christina she just looked so dirty in her new video. But, just so you know Kylie is just about as old as Madonna, she sang in Locomation or Walk like an Egyption. It was one of the two.

lemanoz 15-Nov-2002 06:11

Kylie definately.
The Androids are a band fronted by the guy that left SuperJesus so they have some talent going around, the song- id rather do it with madonna- is more pop than punk.

BlindReaper 15-Nov-2002 06:21

Pink all the way, she got a real bust that you'd just want to..........you know...........

lemanoz 15-Nov-2002 12:30

No i dont know BlindReaper, maybe u could enlighten me ;)

Escarcha 1 15-Nov-2002 16:55

Britney Spears - for a few things. First of all:

Ruining her reputation
Because she's famous
Make a load of money in crappy magazines
Shes not THAT ugly

and last but not least - ... after all I am a horny teenager :D

SchneiderChan 15-Nov-2002 18:05

i would choose brit...then wait till she was undressed and then just say...'nah...im too tired' actually...prolly not...but I would like to :)

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