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nikonman 11-Dec-2004 15:58

DIE has no honor? Should we form anti-DIE movement?
They hit us twice OOWs, messaged them during the first one, no reply. What kind of honorable people are DIE? Why should I care whether we should get involved with them.

* They like to hit diplomats
* They like to do OOWs
* DIE has no honor
* DIE likes to bully people too :supermad

I rest my case :D

Come on guys...shall we really start a ANTI-DIE movement.

* I am prepared to form a coalition of professionals, amateurs and casual players whom have been bullied by DIE's dishonorable acts :rolleyes:

* Let's start by messaging all the kingdoms above 10 million. Maybe we can have 6-30 kingdoms at the end of the day :D

Dezchamp 11-Dec-2004 16:35

Re: DIE has no honor? Should we form anti-DIE movement?
Of course if your a member of TA it's perfectly acceptable to be part of a coalition or alliance that doesn't follow TAs own codes of conduct so i'm sure you'll have no problem with that aspect, just call it a NAP that occasionally is a MAP and very rarely an alliance and all will be fine :rolleyes:

Oh yeah and should any alliance involving itself in matters between two alliances(without being asked) expect to find itself on the receiving end of a coalition against dishonorable actions?

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