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Ludacris 07-Sep-2001 04:01

Mercs ride Horses.

This should be added to the military calculator. Mercs ride horses which makes them 3/0 instead of 2/0.

Brother Green 07-Sep-2001 05:25

Re: Mercs ride Horses.

Nope, they don't.

Ludacris 07-Sep-2001 06:16

Ummm Yes they do.

I send out 7500 Zerks and 1500 Mercs. I had 8100 Horses, I send out all 8100 horses. Who else rode them? Perhaps you should run some tests?

Brother Green 07-Sep-2001 06:40

Re: Ummm Yes they do.

Not all your horses were sent. You can see it in the Military Advisor screen.

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