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Brother Green 03-Feb-2001 09:03

Can Mercenaries Ride Horses?

Can mercenaries ride horses?

superman00 03-Feb-2001 11:16

Re: Can Mercenaries Ride Horses?

I dunno... i will tell ya as soon as i attack...

Seifer7000 03-Feb-2001 16:08

Re: Can Mercenaries Ride Horses?

hehehe only 24 hours and ya can attack......... whoa it is late oh well.... hehehe it is 2 in the morning!

Alderock 03-Feb-2001 20:39

Re: Can Mercenaries Ride Horses?

go with yes
i reckon,coz soldiers can,these guys are hired,does that matter?
,if u wanna release it on time,just go with yes
if im wrong
plz dont hurt me.....

SubSpace 04-Feb-2001 04:15


I'd go with 'yes' also, but you never know what Mehul is up to ;)

Are mercenaries supposed to have 2 offense points (2 plain soldiers)? That isn't a lot for $500, is it?

superman00 04-Feb-2001 05:04

they better...

they better ride ponys...and the "steal war horses" theif op better be REALLY strong this round...i have had 10 stables snice the 11th hour of the round, and i still only have 550 ponys...

and mercs-they are only 500gc....you can increase your offense power alot (ie:32%SH, maxed war, 4 generals[20%+]) and i dont think they count as popuation...so you can have a bunch of them when you are big...it will be a good thing...

punar 05-Feb-2001 08:49

Re: they better...

I just sent an army with 128 elites and specs and 1 mercenary. I also sent 129 horses.

I lost 7 horses in the attack, and my military advisor says I have 121 horses out.

It appears that mercenaries aren't skilled in the art of horsebackriding :-(

Prodarit 05-Feb-2001 11:04

mercs on horses

128 troops, 1 merc, 129 horses?
7 horses dead, 121 returning?
That suggests to me that the merc takes the horse and rides off into the sunset with your gold and a horse. Sorry man...

Brother Green 05-Feb-2001 14:00

Re: they better...

Thanks punar, I believe this is the proof I needed.

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