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Blade Master 24-Jun-2003 08:31

To all Diplomats
As my nick says i'm a TBH member.
In TBH i'm a diplomat, and on this moment i try to inprove may work in all kinds of ways.

Why make a post here?
Not ervry Alliance got a Diplomat contact info on the public page of their site/board. So i want to ask Diplomats (both servers) to add me in their ICQ list.

Thisway i can be able to contact faster and solve the problem faster to. It saves time and energy.

I have already some Diplomats of diff Alliances in my ICQ list, so i already made a start with some big alliances.

Thanks for your time and i hope we can have a good futher in Diplomatic cases.

Rhox, Diplomat of TBH
ICQ: 172022451

BaalsMistress 24-Jun-2003 08:41

helps if you're online on ICQ too :)

Blade Master 24-Jun-2003 10:22

ICQ was online all day. Only i was at school. But you still can add me and send a message with your alliance name and that you did add me becose of this. I'll accept asap ;)

Kachina 24-Jun-2003 10:24

added :)

Auth me

Aerath 24-Jun-2003 14:50

Will close this one tomorrow, when I think it should have served its purpose.

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