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(User is Banned)
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(14-Sep-2006 at 01:44)

A very good poem, and appropriate I think...

Before I start this poem, I'd like to ask you to join me
In a moment of silence
In honour of those who died in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon last September 11th.
I would also like to ask you
To offer up a moment of silence For all of those who have been harassed, imprisoned, disappeared, tortured, raped, or killed in retaliation for those strikes,
For the victims in both Afghanistan and the US

And if I could just add one more thing...

A full day of silence
For the tens of thousands of Palestinians who have died at the hands of US-backed Israeli forces over decades of occupation.
Six months of silence for the million and-a-half Iraqi people, mostly children, who have died of malnourishment or starvation as a result of an 11-year US embargo against the country.

Before I begin this poem,

Two months of silence for the Blacks under Apartheid in South Africa,
Where homeland security made them aliens in their own country.
Nine months of silence for the dead in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
Where death rained down and peeled back every layer of concrete, steel, earth and skin
And the survivors went on as if alive.
A year of silence for the millions of dead in Vietnam - a people, not a war - for those who know a thing or two about the scent of burning fuel, their relatives' bones buried in it, their babies born of it.
A year of silence for the dead in Cambodia and Laos, victims of a secret war .... ssssshhhhh....
Say nothing ...
we don't want them to learn that they are dead.
Two months of silence for the decades of dead in Colombia,
Whose names, like the corpses they once represented, have piled up and slipped off our tongues.

Before I begin this poem.

An hour of silence for El Salvador ...
An afternoon of silence for Nicaragua ...
Two days of silence for the Guatemaltecos ...
None of whom ever knew a moment of peace in their living years. 45 seconds of silence for the 45 dead at Acteal, Chiapas
25 years of silence for the hundred million Africans who found their graves far deeper in the ocean than any building could poke into the sky.
There will be no DNA testing or dental records to identify their remains.
And for those who were strung and swung from the heights of sycamore trees in the south, the north, the east, and the west...

100 years of silence...

For the hundreds of millions of indigenous peoples from this half of right here,
Whose land and lives were stolen,
In postcard-perfect plots like Pine Ridge, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, Fallen Timbers, or the Trail of Tears.
Names now reduced to innocuous magnetic poetry on the refrigerator of our consciousness ...

So you want a moment of silence?
And we are all left speechless
Our tongues snatched from our mouths
Our eyes stapled shut
A moment of silence
And the poets have all been laid to rest
The drums disintegrating into dust.

Before I begin this poem,
You want a moment of silence
You mourn now as if the world will never be the same
And the rest of us hope to hell it won't be.
Not like it always has been.

Because this is not a 9/11 poem.
This is a 9/10 poem,
It is a 9/9 poem,
A 9/8 poem,
A 9/7 poem
This is a 1492 poem.

This is a poem about what causes poems like this to be written.
And if this is a 9/11 poem, then:
This is a September 11th poem for Chile, 1971.
This is a September 12th poem for Steven Biko in South Africa, 1977.
This is a September 13th poem for the brothers at Attica Prison, New York, 1971.

This is a September 14th poem for Somalia, 1992.

This is a poem for every date that falls to the ground in ashes
This is a poem for the 110 stories that were never told
The 110 stories that history chose not to write in textbooks
The 110 stories that CNN, BBC, The New York Times, and Newsweek ignored.
This is a poem for interrupting this program.

And still you want a moment of silence for your dead?
We could give you lifetimes of empty:
The unmarked graves
The lost languages
The uprooted trees and histories
The dead stares on the faces of nameless children
Before I start this poem we could be silent forever
Or just long enough to hunger,
For the dust to bury us
And you would still ask us
For more of our silence.

If you want a moment of silence
Then stop the oil pumps
Turn off the engines and the televisions
Sink the cruise ships
Crash the stock markets
Unplug the marquee lights,
Delete the instant messages,
Derail the trains, the light rail transit.

If you want a moment of silence, put a brick through the window of Taco Bell,
And pay the workers for wages lost.
Tear down the liquor stores,
The townhouses, the White Houses, the jailhouses, the Penthouses and the Playboys.

If you want a moment of silence,
Then take it
On Super Bowl Sunday,
The Fourth of July
During Dayton's 13 hour sale
Or the next time your white guilt fills the room where my beautiful
people have gathered.

You want a moment of silence
Then take it NOW,
Before this poem begins.
Here, in the echo of my voice,
In the pause between goosesteps of the second hand,
In the space between bodies in embrace,
Here is your silence.
Take it.
But take it all... Don't cut in line.
Let your silence begin at the beginning of crime.
But we,
Tonight we will keep right on singing...
For our dead.

11 Sep 2002

Tipping the scale of Left and Right into chaos.

"Oh, judge, your damn laws: the good people don't need them and the bad people don't follow them so what good are they?" -- Ammon Hennacy
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Research Group
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(14-Sep-2006 at 04:44)

*puts on his moderator hat*

Alright guys, this has gone on long enough. It was the express intent of the thread starter as he has stated in this thread and others that this thread was supposed to be a memorial thread for the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01. If you'd like to comment on some other event that was important to you that occurred on the same date, please feel free to open another thread, and discuss the events there. If you'd like to discuss the American response post 9/11/01, again, please feel free to open another thread and discuss it there.

OT warnings will be handed out liberally for those who disregard this notice.



The Kiowa swooped and banked hard in front of the car, firing three more shots through the front hood, the universal sign for “stop.”
There are two important rules for sucess in life.
1. Never tell anyone everything you know.
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(Post has been warned)
(16-Sep-2006 at 13:49)

Ok, Iīm supposed to stick to the topic though Iīm late, so:
happy staged-event-letīs-collectively-whine-day.
as soon as the people "mourning" 3000 dead americans here start to feel empathy with the countless dead civilians the us cause daily whine-day is ok with me. before that happens itīs just plain racist.
where are the people who kept saying "get over it itīs called collateral damage"? hippocrits...

God is dead and no one cares - NIN
There will never be justice on stolen land
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(18-Sep-2006 at 00:31)
Just because the american GOVERNMENT is killing many people in wars all around the world it doesnt mean a single person killed in 9/11 has a single thing to do with it. Lets separate the two thing -- american politics and american people, just as muslim fundamentalists and muslim people are two different things.

ALL innocent people killed in state terrorism,fundamentalist violence or other sorts of violence - wars murders and so on. Are worth mourning and lets not diminish the value of 3000 people killed in 9/11 2001 just because theres other terrorists acting all over the world.

Besides this is a act in USA and that country dominates the world economically and culturaly so its natural that something happening there gets greater coverage.
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(Post has been warned)
(19-Sep-2006 at 17:16)

Re: 9/11

Originally Posted by Mars II:
9/11 marks the sad death of thousands and the begining of the death of my faith in my country. It has never been more evident to me that my government is becoming incompetant and self serving. It marks a date when I start to realize how stupid people can be and how little we matter to our so called leaders.

When something needed to be done and done right, we failed. When a good job needed to be done we missed the opportunity. We had the world on our side. We had unity and we had clarity. That is ALL gone. Most of the world clearly thinks we are fuck ups and sadly they have good reason. We are practically divided down the middle. And our goals are so unclear that I don't even know if there is a plan for the future except "see what happens".

What makes me sickest is the way politicians play this date like a fucking game piece. I recognize September 11th as a sad day because instead tasting grief for the fallen some find it fitting to use this date to remind us that we need our government more and more. Not to remind us that we were unprepared and not to remind us that we had unity once. Not to remind us we are alert now and not to remind us of the fallen.

They use it to remind us of how we need their agenda. They want us to keep in mind that we can die. That someone screwed up and its all their fault. Know that we are at risk.

When our country needed to do something we started with war. When we should be looking at what we were doing our statespeople saw fit to consider gay marriage, abortion, abstinance education, and a host of other issues more fit than making sure what were were doing was the right thing.

Another sickening statement I hear is "NEVER FORGET". I think we've already quite forgotten why we remember September 11, 2001. Too often do we remember revenge, the country's current situation, or who is to blame. Not the unsuspecting fallen.

Ask yourself: Are you safer than September 10th 2001? Is what hear from our leaders actually sympathy or a segue into an agenda. Whats changed since before September 11 2001 and who changed it?

In conclusion, I think very few of any of us really means it when they say they really grieve for those that died. For, you have very little to say, or very little to say about them. Unless you were close to someone that died, this date markes little more than the day things changed for the worse.

This is my list of grievances. On September 11, 2001, I gave a thought for those that died, and I went about my day, disgusted for them.

I mean this, you pseudopatriotic whiners. come on, warn and ban me again for being on topic and telling the truth...

God is dead and no one cares - NIN
There will never be justice on stolen land
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