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(02-Jan-2006 at 06:17)

lightbulb Guide to the Attack Calculator

Some Screenshots may not be 100% accurate. I haven't gotten around to updating them with every Version.

This Faq is Designed to give users a brief overview of how to use the military Calculator.

I've divided it into several seperate posts, to help make it easier to read, and to get to the info you were looking for quickly.

Lastly, This is always going to be a work in progress, since angel is always changing, as utopia does.
So before you get annoyed if something is wrong, keep in mind that I can't be 100% up to date all the time, but I certainly will try to be.

The Basics

Collecting Info Correctly

Handy Calculator Tools

How Attack Gains Work

Attacking Modifers (Advanced users)

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(02-Jan-2006 at 06:19)


The Military Calculator is the greatest tool in Angel's arsenal for attackers, but only if you use it correctly. Before you try to use it, you should know what each field means.

On the left is the attacker field. Most often, this will be where your province info will be.
On the right is the defender, often the person you're planning to attack.
In the middle is the breakdown of the offence you currently have entered, and the defence of the target you're planning to attack, as well as a chance for success bar, showing the likelihood of success, and an estimated amount of acres you'll gain.

Lets look at the attacker side first.


There are the basic fields for all the offensive units (only units with offence are listed)
Offensive Specialists
Elite Units.

There's also a spot to select the number of generals you wish to send on the attack, as well as info about your province, like size, race (at the top) personality, and kingdom size, as well as a spot for the relations your kingdom has towards the target kingdom. (None, Hostile, War, etc.)


On the Defender's Panel, there are similar fields for:
Defensive Specialists
and Peasants
(If the Town Watch spell is cast)
As well as info about the province again.

Lastly, on both the attacker and defender sides, you'll notice tabs at the bottom for Military Efficiency, Bonuses, and Gains.


The ME and Bonuses tabs are designed for two seperate uses, and ARE NOT to be used at the same time.

Most people will only need the ME (military Efficiency) Tab. This tab already includes all the bonuses from buildings, spells, honor, stance, and effects like dragons that are currently on your province.
It's basically there to save you the trouble of putting it all in yourself, since your throne page contains all that info already.

Bonus Tabs.JPG

The Bonuses tab is there for advanced users so they can see what would happen to their attack if they changed the things currently affecting their province, like casting spells, or changing buildings. They are designed to give you the ability to determine what would happen if you, for instance, cast mystic vortex on a province to eliminate Minor protection, or if you wanted to cast fanatacism on yourself before you attack.

There are several parts of the Attack calculator that will ONLY function when the Bonuses tab is in use.
The stance for example will only effect the calculator when the bonus tab is in use, since stance is already applied to your Modified ME when the ME tab is in use.
In addition to this, Building Efficiency on the defender's panel will only be effective when the Bonus tab is in use for the defender, as it only applies to Forts % in the Bonus tab.
I strongly urge new users to refrain from using the bonuses tab at all, until you are very comfortable with angel.

Gains Tabs.JPG

Lastly, The newest Tab addition to angel is the Gains tab. This tab is obviously used only for estimating the gains on your attack. It was reduced to a tab in order to give the calculator a more streamlined look, without cluttering it all up.
To get an accurate gains estimate all the fields need to be filled out correctly. As always, the gains formula is a work in progress, and isn't perfect. Please do what you can to aid in us figuring it out, by submitting your gains reports! Don't forget to take a survey first!

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(02-Jan-2006 at 06:20)


This is where even experienced users sometimes make mistakes.
Although angel is incredibly useful, it is essentially a very dumb tool. It only knows what you tell it.
If you tell it all the info it needs, in the order it expects, you'll succeed every single time.
If you tell it the wrong info, or enter it in the wrong order, you WILL fail your attacks.

Here is the basic Order you want to collect info in, in order to make sure angel has everything it needs:

Your Own CB
Your Own Kingdom Page
Target Kingdom Page
Target CB

The som must format correctly into the attack calulator in order to have an accurate estimate of the elites your target has home. If it has formatted correctly into the calculator, you will see a + to the left side of the value for that unit. If the unformatted som shows none of a particular unit away in any army, then it is safe to assume they are all home.
If the target has no elites or soldiers, a som is obviously unnecessary.

If you collect the info in this order every time, angel has everything it needs to give you a success every time (freak personality is exempt from this claim )

Where people make mistakes:
The most often mistake of late, is assuming that because your cb has a lower Offensive ME than your Som, the Som must be correct. This is JUST NOT TRUE.
Your CB is 100% correct all of the time. It includes every scrap of offence and defence you currently have, taking into account everything including spells, stance, and buildings.
The Som does not include things like stance, so it is often wrong.
Keep in mind that the Stance selections in the Calulator are part of the BONUSES TAB and should only be used if you're using that tab.

For more info on how stances work in Angel, please refer to BG's post here:

Town watch and aggression can throw off your CB. Angel does not assume these are ever cast, so to avoid mistakes, DO NOT CAST AGRESSION until AFTER you've calculated your attack. Load everything first, decide what you need to send, THEN cast agression AFTERWARDS.
if you cast it beforehand, angel will think your Offensive ME is higher than it actually is AND YOU WILL FAIL YOUR ATTACK.

On the Flip side of this, since Town Watch is now included in CBs, if you have a fresh CB, you never have to worry about whether or not it's been cast.

Old info.
An Hour can change everything. Their army could come home. They might have cast a new spell, or an old one might have worn off. Their defence could be higher or lower now.
So could yours. You land might have come in, altering your ME.
Always always always get the freshest info you can

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(02-Jan-2006 at 06:21)


These are just some interesting, but little used things that the Military Calculator can do.

The DPA field.
You can use this section to make sure you always have a specific amount of Raw DPA at home.
If you fill in the field with 60, then the military calc will always make sure you leave 60 Raw DPA (defence per acre) at home when it loads your attack.
Obviously this is only useful if you have elites, but it's great for say a human who has an all elite defence.
If the human sets the DPA field to a high number (like 200) then the military calculator won't load his elites when it determines an attack, since most humans try to avoid attacking with elites.
On the other hand, it could be useful for dwarves to make sure they don't suicide to badly when they attack. By setting it to, say 50, that makes sure they always have enough elites at home so they aren't under-defended.

Swap Panels
This nifty little feature allows you to see how easy it would be if your target tried to attack you.
Basically, it gives you an idea of what chances for attacking you successfully he has if you proceed with your attack.
Any elites used in your attack, angel assumes will not be present for defence, and vise versa for the defender.

For most people, this is something you'll never use, but if you have the need to keep a copy of your current layout in the calculator this is a handy way to do it.

Som/CB or Som/Som
These two handy features allow you to input info that didn't correctly load into angel already.
Say you have a fresh CB, but the som is an hour old, and un-translated.
This lets you put the info into the SOm+cb field to have angel punch out a translated number of units at home for you.
The Som + Som field on the other hand, is useful if you were unable to get a CB in the first place, or if the defender is running an all elite army, since the translator may fail to determine the army at home when this is the case.

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(02-Jan-2006 at 06:22)


Your land size, and your opponent's land size determine the maximum gains possible. Just the maximum.
The maximum Land gain is 20% of your land or your opponent's land, whichever is smaller (20% is an approximation, I think it's actually 19.5% or close to that)

Now, it's Networth that determines how much of that gain you actually get.
Basically, the larger the NW of your opponent and his kingdom, in relation to Your province and your kingdom, determine what percentage of the maximum gains you actually recieve.

Now, If you go out and attack a kingdom much smaller than you, but a province that is much bigger, you can expect lower than max gains.
If you attack a kingdom and province exactly the same size as you and your kingdom, you can expect around 50-70% of max gains.
If they're bigger, say 20% for both kingdom and province, you can expect very close to max gains.
20% smaller for both, and you drop quickly to only about 20-30 % of max gains.

So when attacking, try to attack someone roughly the same size or larger to get maximum gains.
Keep in mind that land determines max gains, so even if he's got 1000 acres, and 10 million networth, the most you can get from him is under 200 acres.

Angel's Gains Formula has recently been updated. It's not perfect, and probably never will be perfect, but it's much closer now.
Things that you need to fill out for Gains to be Accurate:
Your Land Size
Your Networth
Your Kingdom's Networth
Target's Land size
Target's Networth
Target Kingdom's Networth.
And now, in the most recent age, Military Science will also effect gains.

This will give a fairly good rough estimate of what your gains will be.

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(02-Jan-2006 at 06:25)


This section includes some good old math, so proceed at your own risk

There are several Modifiers that take part in any attack:
Generals (5% per additional general)
Training Grounds (increase offensive ME)
Honor (increases with each rank, lord and above)
Raw Military Efficiency (Increases with payrate, decreases with Draft)
Fanaticism (+4% offence)
Dragons (-5% offence)
Fortified Stance (-15% offence)

and indirectly,
Aggression (increases soldier to 2 offence instead of 1)
Building efficiency (increases Training Grounds effects)
and Personality (war hero gives a larger honor bonus, and Warrior allows more mercs)

The effects are calculated one at a time, as such:

4 generals: +15% (first general doesn't count)
30% Training Grounds @ 100% BE: +26.5%
Viscount honor: +9%
Fanaticism: +4%

The effects are then multiplied as percentages, like so:

( Total Raw Offence ) x 1.15(generals) x 1.265(training grounds) x 1.09(honor) x 1.04(fanat)
which Gives: (Total Raw Offence) x 1.6491, or +64.91% offence total.
so if you had 100,000 raw offence, your total modified offence would be 164,910.

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(02-Jan-2006 at 12:29)

Re: Guide to the Attack Calculator


Suppose you make an attack (without taking a survey, assuming 0 Guard Stations) and you gain fewer acres than Angel said you would. If you report that attack result without a copying a survey, I don't know whether Angel was wrong because there were Guard Stations that weren't allowed for or because the networth part of the formula is slightly wrong.

Most of the factors that affect attack gains are present in a CB and are always sent with attack reports, but there are several that are not, and these are ALL required for an attack report to be useful:
  • % of Guard Stations the target had.
  • % Military Science YOU Have
  • Target's NW
  • Target's kingdom's NW
  • Your kingdom's NW
  • % Elites sent on an attack (for Warriors)*
  • The extra time added to the attack to improve gains
  • Stances & Relations for both kingdoms
This means that before sending an attack report, you should format all of the following with Angel:
  • Your Throne page
  • Target Crystal Ball page
  • Target Survey page
  • Your Science Page
  • Both kingdom pages
The survey and Science pages areb very important; unreported Guard Stations are the leading cause of errors in the gains formula. About 50% of people report that they use Guard Stations, but only a tiny fraction of people submit a useful value for Guard Stations when they report attack results. In the recent ages, Military Science effects gains as well, so this ALSO needs to be reported. Of course, all intelligence must be up-to date!

* This is not currently sent with attack reports, so I can't allow for it or attempt to model its exact effects. As things stand, Warriors need not report gains.

Computer idle all the time? Want to help with medical research?
Join the UT [email protected] team
(our stats) (text-only client)

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(06-Feb-2009 at 05:27)
lightbulb Town Watch and Aggression

Town Watch and Aggression have long been unhandled by Angel. What would happen is that if you had Aggression on while copying your CB, Angel would incorrectly calculate your Military Effectiveness, as it didn't know that you had Aggression cast. This also happened if you CB'ed an enemy with Town Watch or Aggression on, it will also calculate the Military Effectiveness incorrectly. In the Military Calculator, had you changed the number of troops to send, or the number of elites the enemy has at home, the new offense and defence values would have been incorrect and you could have easily bounced your hit.

Starting from v1.94 Beta, Angel now has the option for you to tell it that you have cast Town Watch or Aggression, and will compensate accordingly in order to calculate your Military Effectiveness correctly. Also, if you believe a target has Town Watch or Aggression cast, you can tell Angel that too and it will calculate Military Efficiency accordingly.

To do this simply right-click on the Angel tray-icon, then go up near the top to "Active Spells" and select the spells which are, or you believe are, active on you and your target. This must be done BEFORE copying the CB page (it doesn't work retroactively). If you do this correctly, Angel should have no problems calculating your attack properly and won't give you unexpected bounces.

Be careful though, as it is not easy to tell for sure if the enemy has Town Watch or Aggression cast, so it's best to play it safe - ie. if race permits, assume that they HAVE Town Watch on, and assume that they DON'T have Aggression on - this will show either their correct defence or higher - so you won't bounce. Angel assumes the safest case for you by default. Also don't forget to check the statuses before each target CB that you copy, or your own CB if your Town Watch or Aggression have worn off.
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