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(07-Nov-2008 at 21:43)
making new races

I'm not against making new races, in fact I love reading new ones. I'm just making this so people making races can see a list of advan/disadvan that could be useful, and no "they eat warhorses" stuff they saw in the Dark Elf races ages ago...

this list wasn't made by me, by Ravens Keep, in this thread http://forums.utopiatemple.com/showt...t=49103&page=3

-% Construction Time
-% Construction Cost
+% Building Effectiveness
Homes hold 35 people
Immune to Enemy Forts

+% Military Losses / -% Military Losses
+% Military Costs / -% Military Costs
-% Training Time / +% Training Time
-% Attack Time / + Attack Time
-% Military Maintenance / +% MM
+% Enemy Losses /
+% Combat Gains / -& CG
+% Combat Losses / -% CL

Cannot use Mercenaries
$? Elite Maintenance
Immune to Ambush Attack
Cannot Use War Horses
No Offensive Combat Losses
Spreads The Plague
Strong Massacre Attack
-1 General /
WAR: +10% Military Strength
OUT OF WAR: -10% Attack Gains

+% Income / -% Income
+% Science Maximum / -% Science Maximum
+% Max Population / -% Max Population
+% Food Consumption /-%
+% Birth Rate /-%
-% Exploration Costs /+%
No Food Needed
Immune to The Plague

+% Magic Effectiveness / -% Magic Effectiveness
+% Spell Costs /-%
+% Failure on Spells /-%
Cast Self Spells on Kingdom Members
Access to All Spells

+% Thievery Effectiveness / -% Thievery Effectiveness
$??? Thieves
only basic spy-related thievery operations

+10% Offense vs. Orcs


add things to this list so that people making new races have a base to build on

as for me: for the magic: (pros) +15% spells are reflected or absorbed, or deflected (the absorbed thing meaning bonuses come to them, like if someone casts drought and this happens : for no apparant reason a drought was instantly converted into an unexpected early springtime. more food production!! (like +5 % or something))
theivery: elites can be used as theives, 1/2 losses (again, someone elses idea)
military: + 10-15% offensive military eff or def
or, as con (military) - offen/defen military eff (10-15%)
an extremly horrible con would be: no aid. ever.

The race i made earlier, before i found that list:


Related to Dragons, they have natural magic resilience and have tough troops. Their wings allow for quicker attack times and their size means they need less people to run buildings (not sure what this will be) but need more food and have less population due to their size. Their size also make them easy to catch while trying to thieve, and since they fly, they cannot use war horses.
Elite: Draconas 7/5 $1100 (around)
Def Spec: Wyvern
Off Spec: Basilisk
+15% magic ops fail (against them)
-15% attack time
+10% offensive military effectiveness
-15% thievery effectiveness
+25% more food needed
- 10% total population
No warhorses.
any advice or criticism is welcome

It's supposed to be pure attacker, can defend against mages more, very quick

(this thread https://forums.utopiatemple.com/showthread.php?t=76737 )

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