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(15-May-2002 at 03:16)
Alternative to Honor

I have heard a lot of people talking about how they do not like the honor system we have.

i think the honor system is pretty much pointless for any type of bonuses and is only used to measure up T/M's so is pretty much useless for an attacking type which should not be the case in my oppinion.

i think the honor system should be more like a way to increase your lands by the pure ability that you have skill in leading your province.

i suggest useing a method not sure what to call it i am calling it "respect" (like your peasents and military respect your leadership and will do more for you as a leader). it would work kinda like honor is gained now. you would get some respect for succesfull attacks against another province, but also you would get respect for defending successfully against an attack. this would work the same way for T/M opps. that way on any attack someone is loosing or gaining the respect of their peasents/military.

if your respect from your peasents/military gets above a certain point i think you should be able to get a bonus but not just a simple bonus no one cares about i think it should be more unique to the way you lead your province. for the first level you must reach there should be some choices based on how you play. for example you could have a choice of like "your theives have gained more respect for you based on your previous Opps and have decided to train harder making your theives cheaper or (Train Faster have not really decided)"
"your Military has gained much respect for your leadership skills and will follow you into battle more easily now allowing an one hour off of your return time"

the more respect you gain the more powerfull these effects become or new ones get offered.

also i think that respect should decay Fairly slowly if a province lays dormant for a long period of time its peasents/military will probably not like it and will start to loose its respect for the leader of the province.

this is only a suggestion probably not any better than what we got but i just thought of something so if you are disappointed after reading this i am sorry and wish i could give you back the five minutes of your life you just wasted.
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(Posted as Obi2Kenobi)
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(01-Jun-2002 at 16:20)

I like it. You just shouldn't gain honor for defending, otherwise your friends could attack you with one soldier and you would gain honor. Or a big prov could do that to a little one before an attack 4 times (or 3 if not a general) and then do an attack for more honor.

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(02-Jun-2002 at 05:55)


From what I can tell of what I read it's essentialy the honour system but you get stuff if you get up to a sertain points like Lord/ Lady, Baron/ Baroness, etc. And it works off what personality you are. I think it's a pritty good idea.
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(05-Sep-2002 at 10:02)
hmmmm I like your system also I think it sucks that u get nothing when ppl mage u as much as possible and don't succeed. But with attacks I suppose if it was a close battle that u manage to win then perhaps u should get honour but only in wars maybe.
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(27-Sep-2002 at 19:36)
Hmm... why not just add these as changes to the honour system instead of renaming it which (seems slightly pointless to me when it's the same but with those changes)?
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(12-Oct-2002 at 03:55)
That does sort of make sense...
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(13-Oct-2002 at 23:19)

Honor is supposed to be a reflection of how helpful you are to your Kingdom's efforts, however I find that this is not so.

I'm a bit new here, so excuse me if I'm wrong on a couple of points, but it seems that the ways that you can get honor are too limited and don't really reflect what benefits the Kingdom, especially for attackers.

First of all, a Raze/Massacre/Pillage etc attack can be great benefit in a war. We had this enemy prov with masses of gold and I pillaged him and took it right down. That was the best thing to do for the war, I think as it stopped the gold being used against us. On other occassions, razing a province might be better than a trad march, especially if you have already too much land, and them too little. So these aren't bad attacks, just alternatives. But as it stands, you don't get honor.

Also, I am always dismayed by bigger players who won't attack smaller players because the returns are too low. OK, outside of war we don't want bullying, but inside of a war why not ? It's the team that counts, not the individual. They could hit a little guy 2 or 3 times and take him out and stop him bothering other team members. It seems unfair, but basically it is just a war strategy. The enemy team's big players can always retal and make him/her regret it, if they are still strong, or surrender if they are not.

Basically, honor ought to reflect what you do for your Kingdom, particulary in a war. The more attacks you do and the more damage you do the more honor you should get. I should get the most honour by attacking every day.

I would suggest that honour is awarded for attacks according to the amount of damage done divided by networth. (So a big player has to do more damage to get the same honour) This is something like how it works at the moment, I think.

The big change should be that honour should decay each day. So if a player sits around and does not participate they will lose honour.

That's what honour should show - your commitment to the game and to your team.

And yeah - it should be spelt h.o.n.o.u.r. ;-)
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(Posted as Valek2004)
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(18-Oct-2002 at 18:39)

sunglasses honor

the honor system now needs to be tweaked, for instance, its to easy to get it....

honor needs to be earned and its way to easy now, also if there would be more bounses when achieveing more honor, like more DEF or 50 acres....also i think if it is harder to earn honor it should be harder to lose also,

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