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(03-Oct-2002 at 03:18)
Why not allow every race to pick from all the disadvantages and advantages, isnít the whole point based system about no race being more powerful than the other races?

If the races can only pick from certain advantages and disadvantages I am afraid we would have almost the same thing again, instead of some races being fixed as more powerful than the other races now some races can pick a more powerful combination than other. (Although I cant see any overpowered race right now)

Some combinations will always be more powerful than some others, but everyone would have the chance to combine such a race, nomatter what race they choose initially

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(Posted as Obi2Kenobi)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 02:26)


How would this show up in the CBs?

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(06-Oct-2002 at 21:50)


let Mehul figure that out

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(08-Oct-2002 at 10:19)
Very interesting idea!

Your numbers are VERY rough - income is on the same level as science max and magic and thievery and runes?! Given a choice I'd take income anyday, even if I have to build a strat around it. I won't comment further on the numbers because if this is EVER implemented Mehul will do his own math, and, I'm quite sure, his version will be different from this one, to say the least.

I do think that keeping the race differences helps because it gives players a chance to anticipate what certain races might have for advantages/disadvantages.

On the same line of thought, it should be noted that bonuses to military strength and such should have a higher cost, while penalties should have a lower cost, because of the surprise factor.

Master Of Orion 2 is a great game, and you would do well to take a few lessons from it. Look at Utopia now. NO RACE has the equivalent of +5 points of total bonuses. Look back at MoO2. You'll find that you have a decent starting point pool. Not only that, your choice of bonuses in any single field are quite limited.

From that, I suggest two changes. First, increase the initial point pool to 50, and limit the total positive points (from disadvantages) to +50, which would make the maximum possible negative points from advantages is -100. Second, I suggest a different system for the basic bonus sets (and maybe some of the other numbered bonuses also).

Bonuses in a single area are much more effective to the good strategist than several bonuses in different areas. For example, it is much more effective to have one player take +40% income and another +40% runes rather than to have both take +20%. It follows that a few large bonuses are worth more than several small ones of the same kind. The "5 points per +/- X%" won't be very balanced. I suggest that each level of the bonus costs more to attain than the previous.

This is best explained, I think, in an example. Income bonuses increase in increments of 5%. Rather than have each increment cost 5 points, each successive increment will cost 5 points more than the previous. So to get +20% income you will need 5 + 10 + 15 + 20 = 60 points. It doesn't have to be 5 - perhaps for Humans it would only cost an extra 2 for each increment, and perhaps for Halflings it would start at 10 instead of 5, but still increasing by 5 every level.

This way you could change the races around so that for some of them the initial cost or increment cost is higher or lower, to encourage/discourage high or low values of that particular bonus.

I had another suggestion, but in the process of typing up the second one I forgot what it was. Oh well.
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(08-Oct-2002 at 16:59)


The idea is good, but it will raze lots of problems. Nobody will use Mercs, since they are mostly useless.

Also, currently it takes lots of efforts to become a very good attacker/thief/Mage. An attacker could have some defense against T/M

But now The game will start with Super Attackers/Thiefs/Mages.

This would ve a total annihilation, since neither mages no thiefs or attackers would been able to defend themselves against the other 2. and if you make a mixed race it would really suck.
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(17-Oct-2002 at 00:04)

This woudl be nice with the General personality, lol, talk about undead powerhouse attacker.

Undead: No Food Needed
Attack Time: -20% (-20 points)
Elite COnversion: +5% (-10 points)
Spread PLague: -20 points
Raise Offense to 6: -10 points
Raise Defense to 6: -15 POints

Science Maximum: -25% (+25 points)
Spell Costs: +25 (+25 points)
Thievery Effectiveness: -10% (+10 points)
Cannot Use Mercs: +15 points

Advantages are played out to the max, while disadvantages are kept as low as possible, mercs are useless, science can be pushed up to the now -50% that undead have, or 40% in the case of this system's points.
Spells costs don't matter, as undead really don't use spells except for maybe Inspire Army, or Reflect Magic and MP.
Thievery, well UNdead were never really good thieves so it doesn't matter, they have the attackign prowess to make up for it, sure there would be room for huge amounts of abuse, btu doesn't every good idea get abused in the end, congrats on this amazing idea, wish mehul had the brain to think stuff up liek this!
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