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Old peled99
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(02-Nov-2001 at 01:05)
Age 14: Practical Values

with all the specs/elites changes the practical values need to be changed.
lets think on humans, they defence spec have 4 point and their elite have 4 point defence. every human player will defence with specs and his only elites in defence will be the one that he will not be needed for his attack ATM. fot that reason i think that humans Practical Values need to be something like 10-20% elites homes.

orc defence specs is more powerfull then the defence power that the elites have just like avian last age so their Practical Values should be 0% elites.

think about this because i know that if it will be accurate people will often use it.
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(02-Nov-2001 at 06:31)

Re: Age 14: Practical Values

Great initiative! Let's open this for discussion, for all races. Please support your arguments with mathematical explanations. The sooner we complete this, the sooner it will be implemented in Angel!

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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Posts: 78/88
(02-Nov-2001 at 18:18)
My Practical Values for Age 14

First of all let me tell you that I think that these practical values are useless and I always have them deactivated.
Second let me tell you that BG is not going to listen to me or anybody else saying this.

Hmm, well, let's get to the values:

- I don't really see the point why Humans and Halflings should get different values. After all, in the ideal case you'll have just enough elites to attack and leave only specs at home. Halflings definatly need to be changed to 80% since their elite def is the same as their def specs def, the very same as with humans.
- Elves seem to be about alright.
- Dwarves should be decreased to 50%, just like the ages before. At least I think that dwarves will still got all-elite, and they'll rarely send out 60% of them.
- Faeries are sure right.
- Avians, well let's see how things go, but I think we can set 20% here, since you wont rely on off specs only (that'd screw your defense too) so you'll have a bit less off specs than you need requiring you to use some extra elites.
- Undeads: About the same as with dwarves.

Therefore my values:
- Humans: 80%
- Elves: 50%
- Dwarves: 50%
- Orcs: 100%
- Faeries: 0%
- Halflings: 80%
- Avians: 20%
- Undeads: 50%
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Old peled99
Imported Post
(02-Nov-2001 at 22:22)
Re: My Practical Values for Age 14

here is my Practical Values:

Humans - the specs and elite have the same 4 defence point so no one will defence with specs unless he have more offense then he need, i think that a 20% practical value is good.

Elves - the elite have 5 defence point, one more then the specs so the avrage player will defend mosly with 2/3 elies and 1/3 specs, so let's say 60-50% Practical Values.

Dwarves - a dwarf play will play all elites because they have a very strong one, they will have only elites and i think that 60% elites home is a good Practical Value.

Orc - like the avian in the last age, they have less defence point in the elites then in the specs, that means that they will never defend with elites, 0-10% Practical Values

Faeries - they will defend only with elites and will attack only with specs, 100% Practical Values

Halflings - like the humans, maybe a bit more...20-30% Practical Values

Avians - the offence spec if more powerfull then the elites, like the Orcs issue but complitly the other way, 100% at home.

Undead - with their powerfull elites they will play all elites for sure. i because of the 6 defence point they won't need more then 50-60% elites at home, it means 50-60% Practical Values.

Finel list:

Humans - 20%
Elves - 60-50%
Dwarves - 60%
Orcs - 0-10%
Fearies - 100%
Halflings - 20-30%
Avian - 100%
Undead - 50-60%
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(Posted as Arial)
Posts: 6/9
(14-Nov-2001 at 03:20)
Re: My Practical Values for Age 14

The only practical values I can calculate are my own, and they change throughout the age. Sometimes I want to keep more home, sometimes less. This is probably true of most people.

Perhaps the answer would be to set your own practical values for your self CB. (At least it would for me. )
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(Posted as Xzazy)
Posts: 1/2
(14-Nov-2001 at 17:41)
Re: My Practical Values for Age 14

Ofen I use practical to see how many deffspecs you need to build. Or to see my dpa after an attack. As it is now I'm running halfling and use all or almost all elites in attacks. And then the prectical 40% is just annoying, it's to far off from the right numbers so you can't even use it for an estimate.

So I suggest the following options.
1. Add another practical value with no elites home (this only have to show on those races that have attacking elites). This way you can see the dpa range from no elites to practical elites, this would be good since no one actually sends out exactly 80% (race number). The practical is already used to get an estimate, this would make it easier to guess the numbers.

2. Add custom setting, then you can change the numbers as your province evolves. Or add this option only for your own province since this is where it is mostly used.
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(Posted as neodude)
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(17-Nov-2001 at 23:57)
Re: Re: My Practical Values for Age 14

Originally posted by Arial

Perhaps the answer would be to set your own practical values for your self CB.
I think that would be the best way. We could still discuss them here for the default values, but it should change.

Could just add 7 boxes in the Settings/Units Strength.

Head Penguin of SPUP
South Pole's Utopian Penguins
I host Utopia Angel downloads!
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